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After the jump due to 1×12 Spoilers

From E!

GemmaLee: Outlander scoop, please! What’s with the scene with Sam in the river you mentioned?
It’s a fun scene that will take place in one of the next two episodes, when Claire and Jamie go to Jamie’s home, Lallybroch, and a mill needs to be fixed. And yes, because you asked (you didn’t) and you are so pervy (you’re not), it does involve him completely naked in said river. We asked Sam Heughan if the nudity (along with all the sex scenes) is becoming old hat at this point and he had a good laugh at the question.“No absolutely, it’s not old hat! You know, it’s a part of the books, it’s all in there in the books. We don’t shy away from it, but we try to make sure it’s always moving the story forward. [The river scene] is a kind of fun lighthearted moment in the story, but it actually moves the story forward, without giving away too much, but there’s another character there that may see what’s happened to Jamie and it affects them and ultimately moves their relationships forward.” For the record: I do NOT like how it moves things “forward!” ‘Cause we all know “forward” is code for “the awful, totally horrific stuff that is happening at the end of the season one.” Pre-book your therapist now.


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  2. I am definetly not looking forward to the wentworth prison scenes

  3. *Spoiler* So I wonder if they changed the way Jenny sees his scars and had her see them at the mill because in the preview for episode 12 she comes running up to them at the mill and she wasn’t there in the book. Not sure how I feel about that as I liked the way she sees them in that quiet moment after their fight and asks if he cried and after he says “Yes!” she says “So did I. Every day since they took ye away.” I hope they keep those lines in.

  4. I think that one will be fine to watch but the final one will be a heartbreaker. It is nice to see how close to the book they have kept. Some pictures are made of books and completely destroy the books image.

    Theresa Guillemette
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