*New* HQ Stills From Episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch”   9 comments

Here are some new HQ stills of episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch.”

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9 responses to “*New* HQ Stills From Episode 1×12 of Outlander “Lallybroch”

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  1. Enter Jenny and Ian. Looking forward to the return of Jamie to Lallybroch and the confrontation between him and Jenny. Thank God for Ian’s calming influence. That Jenny my be petite but she is a force to be reckoned with and Laura Donnelly sure looks like she can embody this character.

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  3. The Jenny/Jamie showdown is one of my all-time favorite scenes in the whole series. I cannot wait to see this played out; however, if Jamie is wearing trews instead of his kilt, will Jenny still grab him by the “bollocks”, which is my favorite part. Please let this be part of the scene! Pretty please, Ron!!!

  4. Mmmm… love Jamie (Sam) in that coat (image 10)! I think the character of Jamie will have to mature a lot as he reestablishes himself as laird of Lallybroch. His role as Claire’s husband and lover is still my favorite though 🙂

  5. love those shots of Sam and Donas what a beautiful animal and do I have to say Sam is too much what a duo they make

  6. Wow. In that pic with the tenants, he *is* Himself.

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  8. The costuming, hair, make-up,sets & outdoor Lallybroch scenes not to mention the talented actors makes this episode outstanding. It’s wonderful to see a married couple having erotic love making… Such a natural function. Nowadays sex is mostly portrayed by couples that aren’t married or a one night thing… Thank you for following the book in that regard.

  9. I really loved Lallybroch, especially the last scene

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