Poll of the Day: Which Outlander Episode Is Your Favourite So Far?   32 comments


We thought we’d do a poll to see which Outlander episode is your favourite so far. Feel free to tell us why in the comments. We love to hear from you guys. 

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32 responses to “Poll of the Day: Which Outlander Episode Is Your Favourite So Far?

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  1. Can I choose two or like 11?

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  3. Sorry, can’t choose one, too many scenes are excellent and touching!

  4. I like 11 because Claire finally tolled Jamie where she was from. Also when he took her to the stones and she finally decided who she wanted.

  5. It was a tough call between 11 and the wedding, but I do love how the reveal comes about and the scenes following- having hot flashes and bawling my eyes out is a new experience for me!

  6. REally ahrd to choose between the reckoning and the wedding but it has to be the reckoning becsue so much goes on and it tells us so much more of Jamie the man (rather than Jamie the fantastic body!!), such a complex character in the books and only the surface scratched so far in the tv series.

  7. I was so very emotional in that last episode. *sniffle*

  8. Until the last chapter, my favorite was the Wedding, but the chapter on Saturday was great. When she tells the whole truth and he believes, when carried stones to choose, and his face to see that she chose it to him, were my favorite moments.

    I always read everything published, but did not comment because I do not use English well, so please excuse me if something is misspelled.

  9. Really, EVERY episode is my fav. But I have to admit the Devil’s Mark is special because she decides to stay with Jamie, he is obviously happy about it and the scenes together were very poignant. The love scene was so touching. Jamie clearly is the best match for Claire and now she knows it – Good bye Frank. I Just love this show – can’t wait for the next episode.

  10. Phew, tough decision! I love all the episodes! If I had three options I’d have gone with 3, 7, and 11. Since I can’t choose three my pick goes to 11. Still so emotional about it, esp. after six times watching. ♥

  11. Ep 11 bc I found myself riveted to practically every scene. The main characters are finally falling into place & can feel we’re going to go on a wild ride. Toni Graphia added poetry, high drama, & as one put it, the sexiest sex w/o anyone ever disrobing.

  12. I can’t choose just one! Every episode builds on others.

  13. I expect it’s going to be getting better and better…but “The Devil’s Mark” was absolutely OUTSTANDING! My second favorite was “The Wedding”, but episode 111 just took the cake of all of them in my opinion. It’s really what we’ve been waiting for! Outstanding performances from all involved! Heartbreaking at times and exciting. We’ve been waiting so long for Claire to tell Jamie where she’s from and finally make her choice. Now the walls are down and in her heart she finally knows too. Now we have a love story for the ages! And so much drama to come!

  14. The Devil’s Mark edging out The Wedding now… but love them all ♥ Jamie taking Claire to the stones is the ultimate gesture of absolute Love for her and that about wrenches your heart out.

  15. It’s a almost a tie between The Wedding and The Reckoning, there both are very emotional but very different, so it’s impossible to choose for that reason. The Devils Mark has some of my fav scenes and I loved it. Lotte was fantastic, especially at the end when Jamie comes in to save Claire. But it’s the trip back to the stones, that I really love. Sam and Cait did such a great job and I loved seeing it visualized on screen at last. I just wish the ending could have lasted just a few minutes longer, after Claire returns to Jamie.

  16. I feel that the series is going way to fast. Hope that somewhere Ron takes his time. My favorite episode is ” The Devil’s Mark” . Jamie showed what unconditional love is like, having read all the books he( Jamie)loves Claire more than Frank ever did. The saying ” If’s it’s meant to be yours,let it go it will come back to you”. Jamie let go and Claire is back.

  17. So hard to choose. As of right now, The Devil’s Mark but I have several ‘most favorite’ for a few different reasons. For pure Jamie/Claire time – the wedding, for the excitement of the just getting the show – Sassenach, Rent – for the “courtship” and Claire slowly getting accepted, for “how the heck are they going to get this on screen” – the Reckoning. Love bits and pieces of all of them.

  18. You do know this is like asking us to choose a favorite child, right? I did have to vote for “The Devil’s Mark” for all the different emotions that I experienced while watching. Anger, empathy, surprise, sadness, a few smiles and a lot of joy. My congratulations to the remarkable cast and crew that made it possible.

  19. My favorite episode so far has to be “The Devil’s Mark”. Everything comes together here and there is a feeling that everyone is hitting their stride; actors, director, cameras, it’s all there in cohesion. Even the secondary characters are terrific in their scene. Whew! Father Bain !! What a performance. Burning down the house! Great stuff all around. If this is a promise of things to come in the rest of the season, Look Out!

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  21. Too hard of a decision because they are all thrilling each time another one airs💖💙💖💙

  22. I like episodes 7 and 11. But 7 the wedding because Claire can not deny her feelings for Jamie.

  23. 11,9, 7 all in a verry close tie!

    • I too liked those three in that order: 11, 9, & 7; and it was such a hard choice!!! The Wedding because it’s so all about Claire and Jamie, very romantic, and so well done. I didn’t think anything could top it, but along came The Reckoning, with the repercussions of Claire’s actions, but seen through Jamie’s eyes! Also we see more of Colum’s ideas for the clan and how Dougal and Jamie really measure up in that picture-the politics of the family, and the growth of Jamie and Claire. But then came The Devil’s Mark, and wow!! So much came together, and the acting was terrific-Claire and Geillis together, Ned, and Jamie and Claire were unbelievable! They say so much to each other with just their looks!!! You watch some actors, and their faces have a hard time conveying believable emotions, but these two, holy crap!!! During Claire’s reveal, they both said so much with their expressions. And the scene by the stream before they go up the hill to the stones about broke my heart. The way Jamie’s face looked when asked her if she was ready to go home, knowing what he was ready to do yet looking at Claire knowing she was thinking something else; I was crying like a baby!!!! It may not have “been by the book” but it still worked for me!!!

  24. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  25. I don’t belieive I am actually writing this, but, I am quite disenchanted with the 2nd half thus far. Not impressed with the acting, story line and dialogue, in spite of the fact i was absolutely besotted with Outlander last year. I couldn’t wait for the new episodes and now I feel let down. I can’t believe some of the dialogue between actors especially from Jenny – all in all not tight, perhaps Ron M. should have followed the book more closely, i fear it will be the ultimate demise of the series. I was so impressed with the first 8 episodes, especially 1 and 7. It has a commercial feel, trying to appeal to the masses instead of being singular and thus, breath-taking like it was previously.

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