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From The Boston Herald:

In the April 18 episode of “Outlander,” titled “The Devil’s Mark,” Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) found themselves accused of witchcraft, with the suspicions and superstitions of their eighteenth century captors leading to the pair being declared guilty and sentenced to burn at the stake.

“It’s great to watch these two women. There’s so much tension and animosity between them in the beginning and then they slowly have to learn [to understand each other],” Balfe said of the pair’s tumultuous journey over the course of the episode. “Claire can be very judgmental and very ‘this is black and white,’ and I think she has to learn with Geillis that no, it’s not black and white. There are reasons behind her actions and there are reasons bigger than herself, and she really has to learn to empathize with her.”

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“It’s heartbreaking, what Geillis does for her,” Balfe said. “That moment she’s being carried out, it’s so epic, and Lotte was so great… From there, everything changes. It’s like, ‘hold on a minute, so it is possible. You’re from there — are there more?’ So it opens up this whole other storyline that we will see progress a little bit in this season and then towards the next season, which I think is fantastic.”

Once they were a safe distance away, Jamie asked Claire whether she was a witch, since he’d seen a similar “devil’s mark” on her arm. “He’s forced into a situation where he has to address it and be like, ‘Well, are you a witch?'” Heughan said. “He doesn’t believe it, but he’s still superstitious. He knows that she’s got secrets, and he knows there’s something she’s hiding.”

But Claire’s response was far more shocking, as she revealed the whole truth about her trip through the Standing Stones and her origins in the future.

“At this point, so much has happened, and I think it’s a quest for some solace,” Balfe said of Claire’s decision to tell Jamie everything. “I think she needs comfort. Since the bliss of the wedding, there has been a lot [of trauma] and I think that’s almost her breaking point. I’m not sure that she’s thinking clearly, but she just needs to connect with him on a very, very real level.”

While Jamie seemed bewildered, he also chose to believe her, even if he didn’t fully understand everything she was telling him. “Does he wholeheartedly believe it? Yes, he believes her,” Heughan confirmed. “He says, ‘I believe your words, and I believe in you, in your truth.’ He starts to get his head round it, but it’s going to take a while. Again, it changes their relationship. It makes them closer, because she doesn’t have to hide anymore, and that’s a relief for her.”


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