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Here’s a new Ron D. Moore interview with Entertainment Weekly


After the jump due to spoilers from epi 1 x 11

From EW:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You packed so much into this hour. Can you tell me about the decision to address the trial, Geillis’s backstory, and Claire’s attempt to return home, all in one episode?
RONALD D. MOORE: I felt like the Lallybroch stories deserved their own section. And it didn’t feel that either the witch trial or Claire’s revelation to Jaime should be part of the Lallybroch story. The witch trial in and of itself is its own big deal, and then Claire telling Jaime the truth is another big deal. But neither one of those quite felt like they should be an entire episode. The nice thing about doing the witch trial in its present size [is that it] gave enough time in the episode to do the Claire revelation to Jaime, which is not a full-blown story but is a major moment in the book and in the life of the series. So it made sense structurally as I looked at how we were going to carve out the hours.

Why is Jaime is so understanding of Claire’s ridiculous story? For all intents and purposes, he should be in disbelief over what he’s heard—but he’s not. Why is that?
It’s a lot of different things. First and foremost, Jaime is a special guy. He’s different from the other guys of his era. He’s educated, he’s smart, and he’s willing to think in bigger terms than a lot of his contemporaries. At the same time, he did grow up in Scotland. He did grow up in a world where they believe in magic and fairies and people going through time. There was even an earlier episode where a song was sung that talked about a traveler going to a set of stones that took her to a different place and brought her back. So he’s heard of stories like this—it’s part of his reality.

Then, there’s this personal experience with Claire. His belief is driven by the fact that she clearly believes it. She clearly believes this story. He knows she’s not insane—she seems pretty rational. She’s telling him about this crazy story that touches on other things he’s heard, and it’s a huge buy—but he’s willing to go there because there’s this intuitive trust for her, for what they have. So he’s willing to believe this crazy thing. And if he’s wrong, at least they’ll go down together.

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