“The Devil’s Mark” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   81 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

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81 responses to ““The Devil’s Mark” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. Another excellent episode. I was crying even though I knew what was coming. The cast, especially Caitriona and Sam, bring so much emotions in my heart. They never disappoint.

    • I cried when they were whipping Claire and of course when Jamie took her to stones. I agree you about the emotions while watching this episode and how they never disappoint. I wonder how in the world I can suffer through with Jamie and BJR which is coming up soon? I may need a seditive to get through it. Lord, I don’t think whiskey will be enough to dull the sadness and pain of that episode.

  2. Lotte Verbeek brought me to tears. She is a terrific actress. I hope the red shoes are a red herring..

  3. The scene by the fire… sexiest sex scene yet and nobody was naked. I loved the episode … My only nit and I’ve been picking it since 1×07 .. the honesty speech.. finally, but in the wrong place and for me… and it’s only my opinion I dinna expect everyone or anyone for that matter to agree with me, it just doesn’t have the same impact as it would have on the wedding night … but 11 episodes and that’s my only major nit ….. ya know, the one I just willna let go .. so I think that’s not half bad. lol

  4. The Episode needed to be at least 5 minutes longer. In the book, after Claire comes down from the Stones, she has a major emotional release – crying etc. The was important to Claire’s nature. She made her decision to stay with Jamie, but understands what that will do to Frank. The scene should have included more of Claire’s conflict. Otherwise Perfect!!

    Flying_Rabbirs 3
    • I’m hoping they’ll show it at the beginning of the next episode. While Sam did a fabulous job of showing us the depth of Jamie’s feelings with just his expressions, I’d love to hear it said out loud.

    • Either it should have been longer or made the trial shorter. I also hoped they would have added the line at the stones where Claire asked Jamie if there really wasn’t anything left for her in the 18th century.

      • Agree. I totally understand that they need to modify certain scenes in order to make it fit into a television series… but I found myself really missing that line (“Is there really nothing else for me here, Jamie?”). I think the line does a great job of showing just how much she really has come to love him… and— on a completely selfish note— I would have loved to have seen Sam Heughan’s facial expression at that line (he and Cait do such a great job of showing SO much with their faces).

  5. I’ve read these books for over twenty years, yet I was on the edge of my seat crying. I believe it was the best yet, and that is saying a lot.

  6. I agree with both Dede and Flying_Rabbirs The honesty speech finally is here, but it should have been in The Wedding. It is a theme of these two people, this truth between them, from the start. Also, not sure where I might have cut, but a few seconds from somewhere to allow Claire to pace toward the stone and then away, and another step away, and then another, until she is running toward Jamie through the darkening night, not even knowing if he is still waiting.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the extended interaction between the characters. So often, because there’s so much to get through, we only get a small beat between each of the characters. I think this is why I loved the Wedding so much. We got to see Jamie and Claire talking and interacting with each other for long minutes at a time. This episode did exactly that and more. So much between Claire and Geillis, so much between Claire and Jamie, so much Ned Gowan (#nedgowanforpresident!). Plus, SO much revealed! We see love, hate, disgust, passion, loyalty, fear, heroism, indecision, internal struggle, pain, deceit, truth, acceptance, revelation and MORE in just one hour of television. Truly unbelievable! This is my new favorite episode! Everyone’s performances were beyond stellar and Geillis’ reaction to Claire at the end of the trial made me cry like a baby along with the rest of the episode from there to the end. Going to watch again tonight…and going to make sure to have tissues.

  8. Oops. I do have a criticism. Somehow they managed to make Laoghaire seem sympathetic at the trial. Did anyone else feel it?

    • not me .. she was telling half truths and lies and not just trying to get Jamie back but to have Claire killed, and no’ in an easy way. I got no sympathy for her at all.

    • Do you mean you think they tried to make us, the audience, sympathetic towards her? I mean, for me, I can certainly understand her feelings for Jamie and that she was torn apart by him no longer being on the market so to speak. I can even understand her hatred for Claire, an English woman that pretty much swoops in and takes what has to be, from what I’ve seen, the most eligible bachelor in the entire country. But, none of those reasons come even close to justifying making sure someone burns at the stake, so with that in mind, I didn’t feel any sympathy towards her at all no matter how much she cried, whined, or belly-ached 🙂

    • Nope. And I’d actually been feeling sympathetic toward the character since she was first introduced. Sympathy lessened a bit in last week’s episode, but this week? Nada!

    • You understand at first then you realize she is throwing in lies and then her remark I’ll dance on your ashes evil evil through and through. How will it impact the story did Jamie see her? If he did not Ned now knows the story of Laoghaire and her evilness he saw it. You will not need tissues to watch it you will need a towel well done.

    • I didn’t feel bad for her at all at the trial. Quite the opposite actually.

  9. It was like the words rose from the page and images formed! Acting was superb all around! I was holding my breath, waiting for the lines, and I got them! #EmmysForOutlander

  10. I have not seen it yet but have read the books. Am looking forward to seeing and am taking into consideration every thing everyone has said. I will send my comments tonight. Thank you everyone for giving me some thing to consider when I watch.

  11. My favorite along with the wedding episode! I thought they did a great job of getting the important plot points in there. I was crying at the end, just as I did in the book. The truth discussion came about at the right time, since it wasn’t done during the wedding ep. I have watched it twice already this morning and the last half of it 3 more times! The acting by Sam, Cait, and Lotte was Emmy worthy for sure! Bravo!

  12. This has been my favorite episode! I watched the first half of season 1, without reading the books. During the break, I started listening to the books on CD. I am up to book 4 now. I am really torn as to whether I like it better not knowing or now knowing. That being said, I still was on the edge of my seat, I still cried, and I thought the writers did an amazing job getting all the important plot points in. The acting is truly superb. This is by far the best series on!

  13. Just watched the episode online as it does not air until 9:00 tonight on STARZ and after reading your comments I just could not wait. This episode was superb. Right up there with “The Wedding”. Everything about it was gripping. The essential points from the book were incorporated and I don’t mind that the “honesty” pledge was delayed until this episode. It fits and now it is part of the fabric of their relationship and all is well. I had more sympathy for Geillis than for Laoghaire. I believe that Laoghaire has convinced herself that Claire is a witch and that she somehow bewitched Jamie. But the lies and the “I’ll dance on your ashes” remark showed what a vindictive person she is and she just grows more and more bitter in future books. Geillis made the supreme sacrifice realizing that she was going to burn no matter what and seeing Claire humiliated and whipped gave her the courage to save Claire. The love scene in the woods was beautiful as were the scenes with Jamie and Claire as she told her story and as he said goodbye at the stones. Definitely a tear jerker. Will watch episodes 110 and 111 with my husband who finally agreed to watch the show and after a few episodes he was all in. We watched the first 9 episodes over a 3 day period so he is almost caught up. Best show on TV. Emmy worthy in all areas.

  14. It was another good one ! I missed the ‘honesty’ pledge at the wedding but it worked here too, now waiting for him to tell her ‘Don’t be afraid, it’s the two of us now’ ! which will work really well at the beginning on #12. I agree 5 more min would have been nice to show the impact on Jamie of her staying – picking him. Rather confused with the inclusion on Laoghaire as a witness, as the book readers know once she sent Claire to Gellis we didn’t hear from her again – 😉 – I agree with comment that Ned knows her part in it and also what will Claire tell Jamie. I would have loved a cutaway shot to her face when Jamie came to the rescue. and Ladies …. isn’t nice to know there a man (even fictional) who is a ‘fast learner’. The last few were teary for sure even knowing. Just love these 2 actors so great delivering the emotions So its on to Lallybroch!

  15. Tremendous! I still have that nervous, breathless, excited, awesome feeling in my diaphragm an hour after watching it. I’ll have to take a breather and wait until tonight to watch it again. Such a high quality program! I decided to stop rereading the book so that I can just be in the moment for the TV version, so that I stop comparing them and just enjoy the development of the TV plot and characters. I get totally sucked in and catch myself shuddering and shifting in my seat and reacting to every scene with my own unconscious dramatic expressions. I’m looking forward to Jamie and Claire having some happiness at Lallybroch, but dreading further developments down the road.

    • Me too with the not rereading. It’s been a year since I read book 1 last. I want to enjoy the adaption. I’m pretty good about separating books from film. You can’t possibly include every part of a book in film and you don’t have to and without some changes how boring would it be to see the book play out word for word? As long as it gets the true feeling of the book and does t stray too far I’m good. 😀

  16. I did like this episode. Poor Ned at the end of the trial. Did he loose his mind and firing the gun….. I’m glad some explanation was added about the smallpox mark from both Gellis and Claire. I went through many tissues when Claire was actually telling Jamie about being from the future and the look on his face of trying to process it but knowing he trusted Claire with the truth. But then taking her to the stones broke my heart…..yes I have read the books a couple of times but still it was very moving.

  17. Can I just say, OMG! Loved this episode and just watched it for the 2nd time, Luckily dvrs don’t wear out, since I know I will be watching this again and again. Even knowing what will happen, it still kept me on the edge of my seat. All the emotions I felt from watching, I felt like I went through them all. My hubby watched with me and he was into the episode as much as I was. He doesn’t know what to expect next and makes it even better for me to hear his comments, see his reactions. He said that Jamie “is a real Man, taking her back to the stones”. Couldn’t agree more. That’s what we all love about him, right? This story is about Jamie and Claire at the core, and it was great to get back to their story, the 2 of them together, their love growing and watching that on the screen, acting out Diana’s words, story, books out for all of us to see. For we all love their relationship. The background stories add to it, but it is their love story that got me to read book after book, wanting to see how it all works out. Sam and Cait make it all real. They are doing such an amazing job bringing Jamie and Claire to life. I couldn’t be more excited each week to see each new episode.

  18. Fantastic episode! As good as The Wedding. I cried like a baby.

  19. I really loved this ep and only have one nit to pick – when the voiceover of Claire saying she finally realized Geillis was from the future occurred – Geillis had already said ‘1968’ and going to a barbecue. I felt the delay in Claire’s voice over realization made her look less than intelligent. I don’t think there were barbecues in the 1700s and why else would Geillis mention 1968?! It just hit me wrong. Did anyone else notice that?? But otherwise one of my fav episodes so far in how they structured it. Really wonderful.

  20. She also said “f…king” which Claire would know is not an 18th century word.

  21. A departure from the book when Geillis declares her baby the spawn of Satan…I’m very curious to see how Ron Moore and company will work out the reprieve to deliver the child

    • Me too. They haven’t left a lot of lee way. The pyre is a few yards away and the townspeople are fired up. Maybe Dougal will come to the rescue — after all, if Jamie heard Claire was in trouble, Dougal would have also –but that would be a lot of people coming to a lot of rescues.

      • I caught one of the examiners shouting ‘wait she is with child’…so they won’t burn her…yet. We may even get Dougal out to pull a Jamie and save Geillis! Speaking of which, when Jamie came in all a blaze of fury, swords in each hand, it was priceless! Can’t wait for next week!

  22. One thing I thought was kind of odd and I don’t know if anyone else noticed was when they were before the campfire and Jamie says that he just wants to watch her, he moves down as if to kiss her, but he does this thing where his mouth is open, but he doesn’t kiss her. He just sort of breathes on her. It kind of reminded me of what he did with Laoghaire when she tried to kiss him. Eventually, he does kiss Claire, but I thought this was kind of unusual behavior. Anyone else notice this?

    • He wanted to watch her pleasure. He already knew he was going to take her back to the Stones. He wanted to breathe her in as you said. One last time. I thought it was beautiful. It’s a different thing than with th lil bitch as I like to call her. 😉 he is a man. He was turned on but had the strength even when Claire and he were in a separated by their fight post spanking. He knew even given thier current trouble Claire was who he wanted and had to get her back. This whole river scene from the privious episode was different from the book but effective. I actually do even feel more for Laoghaire in the show than the books. I can see she truly does have this misguided girl crush. Evil, selfish and vindictive youth to the core, but she was hurt in this. She did feel lead on by Jamie. She has a huge crush, he returns, he takes a beating for her, makes out with her, goes to Claire for help to win his heart… With this she knew she did t have it. his heart was not hers. So from there on, when he returns and has married Claire it is easy to view it as she did. Jamie made a mistake in brushing it off when he had to go see Cullom. He was trying to make her feel better but it had a different effect. She thought he didn’t love Claire and did not want to marry her. So then she just has it out for Claire but turns evil in all ways to conspire against her. But Jamie’s heart will never be hers.

    • Also does how unselfish Jamie is. even with Claire saying that she wants him inside her, he tells her no so he can only give her pleasure and watch and breathe it in without taking his own pleasure. Or at least he found what he thought would be his last pleasure in her by giving it to her. So unselfish and beautiful is his love for her!

    • Also shows how unselfish Jamie is. even with Claire saying that she wants him inside her, he tells her no so he can only give her pleasure and watch and breathe it in without taking his own pleasure. Or at least he found what he thought would be his last pleasure in her by giving it to her. So unselfish and beautiful is his love for her!

  23. Oh My God….struck dumb. This episode was absolute perfection. All the cast deserve a standing ovation….hope they can hear us out here on the other side of the screen. Everything was perfect…the performances, the sound, the lighting, the scenery, the music, the costumes, and the adaptation of one of the most beloved chapters in the book. If you guys don’t get nominated for Emmys of all sorts, it will be a crime. Can’t wait for next week! Thanks for all your talent and hard work…Wasn’t much interested in TV shows before Outlander and now I’m hooked! Thanks Starz…for the courage to do this show right!

  24. In the book, Dougal relays Geillis’s messages, and says the numbers 1 9 6 and 8 individually. At least that is how I remember it. I, too, wish the scene of Claire’s return to Jamie after deciding to stay in 1743 was longer. She didn’t mention how she could do without the hot baths, but she couldn’t live without Jamie. I think the scene was definitely “richer” in the book.

  25. Thanks, Ralph.Love you,Georgia  

  26. This was better than I could ever imagined. I now understand why Claire and Gellius wanted to protect each other. That relationship makes so much sense to me now. Father Bain had me completely fooled. I rather not refer to Leery who is the best bitch on television. Ned acted so heroic and I never appreciated that before. Sam and Cait”s performance was at its very best and that is saying quite a bit since I think their performances have been flawless. Thank you Ron, Starz, … for the wonderful production of such a beloved story. I hope you all receive the much deserved praise and recognition you are entitled too for creating one the best shows ever seen on TV.

  27. Yet another lesson of love making! Overall great episode! Wish they would spend more time at the stones. It looked like she wanted to go where she actually didn’t.

  28. Great episode! It just keeps getting better and better or maybe more involved and deeper. Yes, that’s it. The trial was great and I loved their representative. Unbelievable, and then the marks, smallpox vaccination. So cool! The ending with Jaime and Claire at the rocks, I thought, could go either way. So tender. He’s the man!

  29. I’ve read the books several times, and have always believed that Claire chose to stay with Jamie because he believed her based simply on not yet admitted love, and trust. Frank doubted her when he saw Jamies ghost in Inverness, and her instincts were telling her Jamie was the home, the vase she’d never owned. As far as emotion goes the love seen, and Jamie tenderly memorizing her face, just wanting to watch her knowing it would be their last time together……oh my damn! I squalled like the biggest ninny!

  30. Did anyone else notice father Bain and Laoghaire sneak out the back when Jamie came in to rescue Claire? It just seemed odd.

    • I didn’t notice. I’ll have to rewatch!

    • I had to look at the screen caps posted to see where they were. They are standing together watching Jamie come down the aisle but disappear after he is down by Claire and drawing his sword and knife. Next seen they are in the procession outside almost at the front of it.

      • There was a screen cap I saw on Tumblr where Jamie had his sword and dirk pointed at the men, you can see Bain leaving through the back. It just seemed odd to me, that both he and Laoghaire would leave when Jamie showed up. It made me wonder if there were working together to have Claire burned. I could also be reading too much into it. But, either way I really dislike both of them.

  31. I just may be a romantic at heart. I feel the best part was Jamie taking Claire back to the stone’s. A man could not love a woman more. Too be so unselfish. Okay the man is definitely a saint!!

  32. Fantastic episode! I was overwhelmed with emotion watching it, even though I knew what was going to happen. Kudos to all the actors and writers and producers!

  33. I loved the episode, my only but was Jaime not seeing Claire Start to ‘vanish’ when touching the stones. But everything else was fantastic, I cried during the trial and when Jaime wakes up and you can see the trail of tears on his face. A wonderful episode!

  34. Personally, my favorite moment was the look on Jamie’s face when he realized that Claire chose him. The delicate nuances from Sam’s face (in this series) are the most powerful part of the whole thing.

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  36. He had tears 😥 broke my heart when he pulled her back from the stone expressing he just wasn’t ready to let her go. Gah! And that there wasn’t anything there for her. Ha nothing but HIM. She chose right for now. But so much more to come! I’ve loved every part of the changes they have made from book to series. Claire and Sam are sooooo perfect for these parts, and how is it possible that he is getting more attractive which each episode? He depicts the true heart and soul of Jamie so well. Beautiful inside and out. I like the meaning behind the change of the ring. It was forged in a hurry. From the key to his home. She is his home now. I do love a Celtic knot ring. It is what my husband and I have. Not from precious white gold or platinum but silver from the Renn Faire because that was what we liked and could afford right out of college. Simple but with no less feeling. And Gellis did so well! How did they do such a convincing Prego-belly?

  37. The things Jamie says in the book about praying to be strong and brave enough to let her go are really important to the relationship. They should have found a moment to let Jamie say them.

    • He says that later tho — after she returns and after their moment of reconciliation. The episode ended before he would have said those words, which makes me think there’s a convo coming up in 1-12 about his emotions and why she chose him, etc.

  38. So beautifully created for us again.The Claire and Geillis performances were absolutely luminous, Ned rocked and Jamie wrapped his strong and tender arms around this episode and brought it all home. What a gift!

  39. I am wondering what is going to happen to Geillis. I have a feeling she will somehow still be in the story and not burn. She is such an interesting character. It would be a shame if she really dies.

  40. I’m a little disappointed about the stones scene. In the book Claire touched the stones and began to disappear and only then Jamie snatched her back. This is an important point that although Jamie said he believes her at this point he realy is and then the fairwell ccene is much stronger.

    • Ron said it would make it would make it look too sy-fy. You could however hear the rocks hum.

      • Perhaps Ron could have made a different choice. If we go by the book(s) only some can hear the stones. But we might have seen Claire afraid and resistant, have watched as Jamie “saw” Claire disappearing, and watched as he grabbed her back. Essentially what happened, with an added look of “something” perhaps horror on Jamie’s face, with the addition of a line, I’m sorry…I saw you seeming to disappear before my eyes and.. anyway, the scene could have had heightened tension. It did oddly feel an afterthought..Ron could have shaved a few seconds from the trial: tightened Laoghaire’s testimony, tightened Father Bain’s, and so on..and had time for the building of tension at the stones, which is the pivotal scene in the lives of Claire and Jamie.

  41. This series has affected me like no other. From every aspect there has not been a foot put wrong. All the actors involved are incredibly well cast and come alive as the characters they portray. The chemistry between Sam and Cait sizzles. When Jamie pleasures Claire before taking her to the stones…watching her
    with such tender devotion…not fully kissing her until she is reaching climax…I swear I stopped breathing.
    After reading the books, I know what is coming…but also know Ron D Moore will continue to handle the
    material with a caring, deft hand. He will not let us down.
    Among the Emmy’s to be considered, Ron should be nominated for his brilliant adaption.

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