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After the jump due to spoilers from epi 1×11

From ET:

“Ultimately, he’s always known that she’s got a secret,” Sam Heughan tells ETonline. “He’s said it to her: ‘I know you’ve got something you won’t tell me, but I want the truth.’ And he knows deep down that whatever she says is the truth.”

“Because he believes her, he gives her the chance to go home, which is a lovely, unexpected reaction,” executive producer Ron Moore tells ETonline. “The fans who don’t know the story probably would think, ‘Well, he’s going to believe her and he’s not going to condemn her for it.’ But I don’t think they’d expect him to bring her back to Craigh na Dun and give her the opportunity to leave.”

In the end, Claire chose to stay. Admittedly, Caitriona Balfe had trouble rationalizing Claire’s decision – at first.

“That was quiet a tough scene to figure out her thought process,” Balfe tells ETonline. “I didn’t want to make it as simple as she’s in love with Jamie so she’s going to stay. Of course that’s a huge, huge part of it but I figure it has to be more complicated than that. You’re effectively saying goodbye to an entire time period that you know and are aware of and all your life you’ve spent there. It was really interesting trying to find all the different reasons she was telling herself to stay.”


“I think he knows her soul and therefore that she’d tell him the truth. Whatever she believes, he is willing to go with that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he can get his head around it,” Heughan says with a chuckle, with Moore echoing that sentiment: “I don’t think he quite believes it but he believes her.”


“There’s a moment when she’s talking [when] he sort of goes into shock. It’s so much to quantify and to get over. I remember the line, ‘I believe you. I cannot understand it a single bit.’ He can’t get it but the only thing he knows is that she wouldn’t lie to him,” Heughan explains. “Whether or not that means he can grasp the full enormity of it, he just knows the one thing he can rely on is her. It’s a huge ask for anyone.”

He says later, “All these things are going on in his mind: Who is she? Why is she here? He’s suddenly ended up having to rescue her from all these people, and it’s a very crazy place that he’s in.”

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