*VIDEO* New Graham McTavish interview with Arthur Kade   4 comments

Here’s a new interview of Graham McTavish with Arthur Kade

thanks to Rene2608 for the heads up

4 responses to “*VIDEO* New Graham McTavish interview with Arthur Kade

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  2. Arthur Kade never disappoints, great interview. Graham, always has such wonderful things to say about how nice, Sam and Cait both are, as well as being terrific actors. Best casting ever.

  3. Wonderful interview, Arthur Kade. Bravo, cudos to Graham McTavish. Sir, you are a most generous, kindest and sincere human being. You’d be a joy to work with on a daily basis and just to hang around any time. Thank you so much for everything you do for Outlander!

  4. So nice to listen to a relaxed intelligent interview that goes beyond the recycled tired questions. Kudos to Graham McTavish and to Arthur Kade, one of the most skillful interviewers I’ve heard. Thank you both.

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