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BROWN: We did a piece on Laura Donnelly, who went to drama school with you and plays your sister on Outlander, and she said that she was with you when they announced you were going to play Jamie, and your Twitter followers went up exponentially. Was it that intense?

HEUGHAN: It was because we were in the Arctic Circle, doing this strange little movie. The production base was this old school and we all ate there, drank there, rehearsed there, hung out there. It was a real core group of us. It was really odd to be in the middle of these fjords, in this dramatic landscape in the middle of nowhere, and going on Twitter or Facebook and seeing this excitement and buzz about it. She’s terrific in the show. I’m so lucky because we have that history—we went to drama school together, and we weren’t in the same year, but we knew each other very well and we used to hang out a little bit. Also the guy who plays Ian, my best friend who comes a little bit into the second part of the season, he was a couple of years above me and I knew him.

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BROWN: Jamie is quite a good guy, and he has very good intentions. Are you okay with not being the Bilbo now?

HEUGHAN: I try to find as much as possible where he’s not [the good guy]. It would be very boring if he was just this generic good guy. I think in the first part of the season, he can come across that way, but that’s because it’s from Claire’s point of view, the whole thing is Claire’s point of view, and she doesn’t know what’s going on. Then in the second part of the season, we start to see from his point of view what he’s gone through. We see that he’s got these relationships with his family that he hasn’t dealt with; he’s stubborn, he’s proud. He punishes her, which might be considered wrong, so he does start to have failings. Towards the end of the season, we have some really intense stuff with Black Jack Randall and you begin to find out who Jamie really is, and that’s exciting for me as an actor. You can’t let the character stagnate or a relationship stagnate; you have to keep learning about them. That’s why I enjoy this job so much. He’s still surprising me, I don’t know who he is, and I refuse to make any decisions about who he is because I want to be surprised and find out other sides to him.

BROWN: Do you think you can know too much about a character?

HEUGHAN: Yes. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think you need to be surprised. Characters don’t know what they’re doing all the time, you don’t know where you’re going or why you say something. It’s important to try and work them out, but there needs to be a point where you forget all your work and all your preparation and let the character take you over.

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We only posted the Outlander related parts and the interview is quite lengthy. 

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  2. Love those photo’s super hot.

  3. TY, interesting read & to see Sam in more edgy looks. So glad not to be reading “So what’s under your kilt?” again.

  4. Does Sam ever rest? I swear I have no idea how he does just a beautiful job acting while constantly being interviewed from all over the globe and doing fund raising. I have no ideal what kind of contract he signed but I hope these people don’t burn him out. I want to see him on screen or stage for a very long time. Take care Sam🙋

  5. Great pics! Sam is just beautiful in Outlander!

  6. Still our lovely Sam, but he looks so tired, he needs a rest, before starting OL season 2

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  8. Decent interview. I like the pic of Sam by the window. But I look forward to when Sam’s photographed by Anne Leibovitz.

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    Lovely Man

  10. Sam I wish you all good things, and by your attitude, acting and kindness I know you’ll truly succeed in all your dreams! Toniann , a fan

  11. He is right about this season with his voice and thoughts, I really enjoy hearing how he sees things and what is done that she only understands what he feels she needs to know. Now it feels like it is both thier stories. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

    Theresa Guillemette
  12. Jamie came to us in all his sensual splendour but these photos are a reminder there is more to Sam Heughan
    than meets the eye. This is a man with many dimensions…More than a bonnie, red-heided lad, who cuts a fine
    figure in a kilt. We love Jamie the Highlander and hold admiration for Sam the talented Scot who takes chances.

  13. Sam, your working too hard. So enjoy hearing your voice. The character you play..Jamie…how much of Jamie is you and who you are. Come see us in Sanibel Island Florida.

  14. Which issue are these photos in?

  15. I send you best wishes from Naples, Fl.

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