Worldwide Giveaway: Win a Signed Companion, a DVD of Season 1, An Outlander Sountrack, A T-Shirt and Swag   634 comments

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We’re giving out 2 prize packs! 

Prize pack 1 includes:

A copy of the Revised Outlandish companion signed by Diana Gabaldon, a DVD of Outlander: Season 1 – Volume 1 (Region 1) and an Outlander Online poster.

Prize pack 2 includes: 

A t-shirt donated by Outlander Cast, make sure to check them out. They do an awesome podcast every week. An Outlander Soundtrack, an Outlander tote and an Outlander Online poster.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Follow our site on Twitter here.

2) Retweet this tweet here.

3) Like our page on Facebook here.

3) Leave a comment below

This Contest is international!

You have until Friday, May 15th at 8:00pm ET to enter.

All comments will be numbered and the winner will be picked using

 *Only one entry per person please* 

We will number the comments. If we haven’t numbered your comment yet, don’t worry. We’ll do it as soon as we can 🙂 

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634 responses to “Worldwide Giveaway: Win a Signed Companion, a DVD of Season 1, An Outlander Sountrack, A T-Shirt and Swag

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  1. 1) Thanks for this amazing giveaway. Have a nice day/night.

  2. 2) Love your site… thanks for all you do!

  3. 3) Another great giveaway!!

  4. 4) choose me!!!! thanks Outlander-Online

  5. 5) Thank you for all of this and give us a chance to win these beautiful gifts

  6. 6) Your giveaway are the best!

  7. 7) I absolutely love your site. Thanks for the chance of winning this fantastic prize. Kudos to all of you!

    Karlene Zamora- Billings
  8. 8) Thank you, I enjoy your site.

  9. 9) thanks consolidating all this great Ol info all the time!

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  11. 11) you guys rock!

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  14. 14) sure!

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  16. 16) Wow fun stuff! Would love to have one! 🙂

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  18. 18) Great prizes. Thank you

  19. 19) Hello! I would love to win this swag! I love your site. Thank you for all you do. 🙂

  20. 20) Thank you very much for this giveaway. I can’t wait!!

  21. 21) Love your site!!! Thanks for having such a great giveaway contest!

  22. 22) Gracias por este regalo, que bueno que sea internacional. me encanta!!!!! <3

  23. 23) Great idea to have this giveaway.

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  25. 25) Great prizes! Thank you.

  26. 26) Love the books, the show, and your site. Thanks to all!

  27. 27) Thank you for this wonderful chance and good luck to everyone 😀

  28. 28) I want it! Give it to me 🙂 obsessed with the show! And love this contest

  29. 29) check, check and check! Now hoping to win one of these!
    Love your site, and appreciate all the hard work you put into it 👍👏

    Roswitha Nieuwlaat
  30. 30) Count me in on this one!

  31. 31) Love this giveaway. Thanks.

  32. 32) This is so perfect I’d sport my Outlander tote and t-shirt everywhere with pride.

  33. 33) I absolutely love your site. Thanks for the chance of winning this fantastic prize.

  34. 34) Love your sight! Great pictures, articles. I am definitely obsessed with Outlander and your sight helps feed that obsession. Thank you! <3

  35. 35) Thanks for being my number one site to go to for all things Outlander related and thanks for the opportunity to win some really cool prizes.

  36. 36) Thanks and congrats for the site!

  37. 37) I enjoyed reading your about page. I think we are kindred spirits. 🙂

  38. 38) Love this site

  39. 39) Great give away! Count me in! 🙂

  40. 40) Thanks for uniting all Outlander fans and bringing the Newbies along too

    Katharine Douglas
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  42. 42) Great giveaway! Good Luck to all!

  43. 43) Great site, and a great prize for the fans!

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    Jessica Falletta
  48. 48) I love Outlander so much! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous giveaway!! 😍😍

  49. 49) I would love to win this. I’m so exited for next episodes. I can’t wait for the stones. It’s my favorite!!!

  50. 50) Great giveaway! Thanks!

  51. 51) This would be a dream come true

    Rebecca Helmueller
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    Suzanne Robertson
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    Outlander FTW!!!

  67. 67) Wonderful opportunity. Thanks.

  68. 68) First international giveaway I’ve come across!! Fingers crossed!!!

  69. 69) MY go to place for ALL things Outlander !

  70. 70) love this!!!

    christine trasko
  71. 71) Cool Contest!!!

  72. 72) Love this!

  73. 73)Thanks for opportunity. Fingers crossed.

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  75. 75) Here is wishing!!

  76. 76) What a great giveaway, thanks!

  77. 77) Exciting! And hopefully this giveaway will also expose more people to Outlander

  78. 78) Thank you so much for this opportunity. I truly enjoy your site and all those who “live” here.

  79. 79) I can’t believe how much I love this show ! Sometimes the shows don’t do the books justice but that’s not the case here!

  80. 80) Keeping my fingers crossed

  81. 81) that’s magnificent contest. great idea 🙂

  82. 82) So exciting! thank you for the giveaway!

  83. 83) Okay! All done, and hoping for some sweet Outlander swag 🙂

  84. 84) swag!? yes please

  85. 85) would be thrilled to get a copy

    Carolyn stafford
  86. 86) Prize Pack 2 or 1, both are fabulous!

  87. 87) ooh i would love some outlander swag! :):)

  88. 88) Thank you that you do what you do. This all world of “Outlender” is wonderfull.

  89. 89) How many wonderful things!!!!!!!!!

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  91. 90) I want this so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    Victoria Pugliese
  92. 91) This looks awesome. 🙂

  93. 92) Fantastic! Fingers crossed!

  94. 93) Such an amazing giveaway. Thank you so much for making it international

  95. 94) all done, thanks for this giveaway 🙂

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  97. 96) Would love to win! Love your website and FB page! Thanks for the chance!

    Jennifer Taylor Clark
  98. 97) Thanks for keeping us updated!

  99. 98) Thanks for this site and for lovely giveaway!

  100. 99) Hope to win for once in my life! Keep up the good work- your page is fantastic!

  101. 100) I would love to win! I love all of your updates!

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  103. 102) Some Lassie is gonna be Verra Happy
    Keeping all fingers and toes crossed
    Nice Giveaway

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  105. 104) Thanks! Just followed you guys on Twitter, re-tweeted, liked the FB page. Thanks again!

  106. 105) Thank you again for contribution to the Outlander community. 🙂

  107. 106) Great giveaway. Good luck to you all

  108. 107) Nice!

  109. 108) Outstanding site and a to die for contest! Keep up the great work!

    Jennifer Johnson
  110. 109) Love Outlander and Diana.

  111. 110) Hi love your site I follow you on twitter and facebook I always come on here for Outlander news good luck to everyone. x

  112. 111) Would love to win! Great website.

  113. 112) Been waiting 20 years to see Outlander on screen, and to see Jamie look at Claire with that gleam in his eyes! Happy just to see it, but would love to win too! Lol thanks for the contest!

  114. 113) Great contest, love the prizes! I love your site. I always check it out for the latest OUtlander news and of course I follow you on twitter and on Facebook. Good luck to all Outlander fans who would like a prize. I would be verra happy lassie if I would win!

  115. 114) Fingers crossed for this Greta give away😄

  116. 115) Great site. Thank you for all your time and dedication.

  117. 116) Love OL & love the prizes! I hope I win!

  118. 117) I would love the opportunity to celebrate Outlander style! My birthday was April 4th — if every Outlander fan had given me a birthday blessing on the most popular day of 2015, I would indeed be very lucky!

  119. 118) Your website looks awesome totally checking it out

  120. 119) more outlander to follow! Good luck to someone, maybe me!

  121. 120) Love contests, especially Outlander ones!

  122. 121) Awesome giveaway, thank you for the chance!!!!!
    Twitter: @artdem83
    FB: Artemis Giote

  123. 122) Great contest! Love your blog. Awesome photos always.

  124. 123) Love all that you do. Thanks for being a part of this awesome Outlander a community.

  125. 124) I absolutely LOVE Outlander! Amazing show that came from incredible books!

  126. 125) Thank you for amazing giveaway and thank you for including ALL Outlander fans! 🙂

  127. 126) so addicted to Outlander and love the prizes!!! 🙂

  128. 128) I already follow you on Twitter 🙂 I’m sure I have ‘Liked’ the FB page a long time ago and not currently seeing a button to check. None of the ‘do this here’ seem to be links 🙁 I retweeted what I hope is the right tweet and this is my comment :0 I so so SO appreciate all the effort you guys put into the site, the fans and having so much information so accessible. Thanks so much!

  129. 129) On the off chance that this could be my turn to win I am once again playing , fingers crossed!!!

    Philonise Jennings
  130. 130) Love all that you do to promote Outlander.

  131. 131) Got my fingers crossed. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  132. 132) Liked on Facebook -Sj.fraihat
    RT and Follow on Twitter – @jurgitamel97
    Love Outlander 💖💖💖💖

  133. 133) Holy moly, that took a while to scroll down! But worth it 🙂

  134. 134) Love the books and the series. Very excited about the coming episodes. Great job by all the Outlander cast, crew, writers, costume designer, etc., etc!!!!

  135. 135) I wish.

  136. 136) Yay for world wide giveaways!!!!

  137. 137) Lovely giveaway. Would love to win it.

  138. 138) Would love it!

    Kimberly Cherrix
  139. 139) yes filled all the requirments…fun and thanks for this and all you do for all of us….

  140. 140) Awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  141. 141) Fingers crossed!! =)

  142. 142) Wow! Love this contest! Thank you for your website!

  143. 143) Love this! *grabby hands*
    Thanks for a fun contest and Happy Tuesday!
    retweeted, reblogged and Liking

  144. 144) Hey, that’s awesome!!! I love it!!!! *crossing-fingers*

  145. 145) This is wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win😺

  146. 146) I love these contests. It’s so fun to see what the giveaway gifts are. Thanks for your awesome site.

  147. 147) I would love this and thank you for all you do but I would really love to meet jamie and clair more

  148. 148) I am allll the way at the bottom of the pack, but I would still love a chance at this wonderful Outlander items!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. 150) fingers crossed – in it to win it

  150. 151) Love this site! Thanks for all the hard work!

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  152. 153) This is such a lovely giveaway! Thanks for all the contests!

  153. 154) Thanks for all the amazing Outlander posts. Keep up the great job!

  154. 155) Best part of my week is to fall into the wonder of Outlander! Such a great job on the TV series!

  155. 156) Thank you for making this international!

  156. 157) Awesome contest. Fingers crossed!

  157. 158) Glad this is International! Thank you xx

  158. 159) I would LOVE this!!

  159. 160) Awesome. Pick me, pick me!

  160. 161) Keeping my fingers crossed 😀

  161. 162) omg, that’s amazing! Thank you so much ♥

  162. 163) OMG *__*

  163. 164) Lovely….thank you for the chance to win. Nikki

  164. 165) you guys rock! all the work you do so that the rest of us can have everything in one site! Thanks!

  165. 166) This is my go-to page for all things Outlander. Thanks!

  166. 167) Love Outlander!’

  167. 168) Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone!

  168. 169) What a great prize! Thanks for giving fans this opportunity!

  169. 170) Though the chances are dim, I would surely love to win! Jamie and Claire have won my heart forever! Thank you for being one of the best historical dramas on television!

  170. 171) Love your web site! Keeps me up to date on my favorite show! Thank you for this opportunity to win great prizes!

  171. 172) THANK YOU FOR THIS GIVEAWAY! aweeeeeesomeeeeeeeee

  172. 173) Sing me a song, of a lass who has won (this competition), say could that lass be I?

  173. 174) Fantastic giveaway!!!! You’re verra kind ye ken!!!

  174. 175) love this

  175. 176) New Fan of the Outlander series! will I win? I dinna ken

  176. 177) Please, please, que me toque a mí. I want it.

  177. 178) Winning!

  178. 179) Thank You so much for hosting such an informative Outlander web site! Everything all in one place!!!

  179. 180) I love Outlander!!!! It would be very nice to win a prize. Thank you for all you do for the fans.

  180. 181) Thanks for being a great source of Outlander news!!! The contest is a chance for all fans!!

  181. 182) What an amazing opportunity! Thank you.

    Tracey Fraser-Swatton
  182. 183) would love to win at least once so praying it is an awesome give away

  183. 184) In the great words of anyone who ever wanted to win anything, anywhere: “Pick me! Pick me!”

  184. 185) I want it! 😀 Good luck for everyone! 😀

  185. 186) Thank you. It is a pleasure to follow

  186. 187) Quiero ganar!!!!
    Excelente trabajo el que realizan día a día!!
    Gracias!!! Saludos

  187. 188) Me encanta que realicen estos sorteos internacionales

    Indira Laureano Hinijosa
  188. 189) Thanks for all your work and support to Outlander! U keep me inform every day

  189. 190) Yes please, and thanks for an excellent promotion. I love your updates and pics on both FB and twitter.

  190. 191) This would be a dream come true!

    Dianne Litchfield
  191. 192) Love your website and I do follow on Facebook and Twitter

  192. 193) very nice contest. I’ve done all the things… twitter, fb, ect. 🙂

  193. 194) What a great site you have.

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  195. 196) 1743<3

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    Jennifer Lentocha
  199. 200) Fab giveaway. Thanks x

  200. 201) Love any Outlander swag

  201. 202) Great giveaway! Thanks for doing all you do for all Outlander fans around the world.

  202. 203) Love it! Thanks again for all you lovely lasses do!

    Marisa (@MDChello)
  203. 204) Would love to win this!

  204. 205) Anything Outlander will do, thank you very much!

  205. 206) Winning anything “Outlander” would make my day. Thanks for posting. Cheers!

  206. 207) Fingers and toes crossed for this one, would love to win!! Love your posts too guys, keep up the great work 🙂

  207. 208) Thank you for doing this for the followers of Outlander.

  208. 209) So excited about this chance! Thanks for the opportunity. Love the Outlander series.

  209. 210) Love this!

  210. 211) Thank you for the awesome contest I will promote it like crazy if I win!

  211. 212) I am a devoted fan who watches each episode at least a dozen times. Would love to have a piece of Outlander for myself.

  212. 213) Please pick me. I never win anything!

  213. 214) Thanks for this giveaway!

  214. 215) Thanks for keeping us updated on all things Outlander. Love the prize giveaway.

  215. 216) Would love to win.

  216. 218) Fantastic Outlander swag! I hope I am one of the lucky ones! 🍀

  217. 219) Awesome contest!

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  219. 221) Great giveaway hope to win good luck

  220. 222) Thanks for the Awesome giveaway. @deviantsassenach

  221. 223) Thank you for this. I loved the books and am loving the show!

  222. 224) Already done and done. Neat prizes, how cool is the tote bag?! Good luck to meeeeeeee 😄

  223. 225) You guys always have the Best giveaways!

  224. 226) Outlander Rocks!!

  225. 227) If I have a choice, I prefer prize pack 2. Thanks. XXOO

  226. 228) It would be super to win. Love anything Outlander!

  227. 229) Great package!

  228. 230) Fingers crossed. x

  229. 231) Thank you for the giveaway offer!

  230. 232) could it possibly by mine?

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  233. 235) Great gift packages! Thanks for the opportunity. Tularch Ard!

  234. 236) Awesome giveaway! Amazing outlander gear 🙂

  235. 237) How cool would that be! Nothing like that gear here in New Zealand 🙂

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  237. 239) Yes! Would love to win this! Thanks for the chance <3

  238. 240) Looking forward to some Outlander swag

  239. 241) Thank you for the giveaway. Of course, I want to have a chance. Hugs from Spain 🙂

  240. 242) Awesome contest 🙂

  241. 243) hope will win this

  242. 244) I want to win!!! HAHA your website is awesome guys, thanks for everything<3

  243. 245) Please 🙂

  244. 246) Super cool thing that you’re doing with this giveaway.

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  247. 249) This would be awesome to win. I love outlander and I do not have any outlander swag or items!! This would be awesome.

  248. 250) Very nice prize packs. I love the show and would love to win one of the giveaways. Thank you for the contest.

  249. 251) Awesome outlander package.

  250. 252) Would love to win, love your website!

  251. 253) Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!
    Love everything Outlander!

  252. 254) Thank you Outlander-Online!!!

    Saida Karina Zavala
  253. 255) Oh another lovely give away – I could only hope to be so lucky 😊 I’m already infatuated profoundly in the books, and the show is just amazing. Thanks for keeping the spirits up during drought lander 😉

    Camilla Billstroem
  254. 256) I would love to win the prize thank you.

  255. 257) I love this. Love OUTLANDER absolutely.
    Would love a chance to win swag!

  256. 258) Great prize – love that you do international give aways!

  257. 259) Outlander became a passion. Long live in the books, the TV Series and in our hearts.

  258. 260) Thank you so much! At last, a worldwide giveaway. #OutlandMePlease

  259. 261) Verra nice!

  260. 262) Wow, what a brilliant give away!

  261. 263) Absolutely obsessed – love your site

  262. 264) All done @Francesca_fr and Francoise G 🙂

  263. 265) Where would Outlander Fans be without you! This competition gives me hope living in Australia. Thank you so much!!

  264. 266) love you guys…would be crazy grateful to win!

  265. 267) Thanks for the opportunity and THANK YOU for making it an international competition 🙂

  266. 268) Thanks for the chance to win this great Outlander swag!!!

  267. 269) An awesome giveaway and international too. Would love to win. Thanks

  268. 270) Love the give away! Love Outlander☺

  269. 271) Lovely giveaway, you’re the best!

  270. 272) Enjoy you site very much!!

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  272. 275) For the win!!! I hope…

  273. 276) Woohoo great prize….#EmmysForOutlander

  274. 277) This is such great gifts for fans overseas!!!!! Thank you so much
    Love Outlander

  275. 278) Love the show Love this sight. I would be honored to win
    Thank soooo much for ALL of your hard work !

  276. 279) love you guys!!

    Carolyn ferguson
  277. 280) Love the Outlander swag!!

  278. 281) Great contest! <3 Outlander

  279. 282) Love Outlander, want a gift for my birthday 🎂

  280. 283) Oh, I need these! You guys rock 🙂

  281. 283) Thanks for this giveaway ! I’m in love with this series just amazing ! 🙂

  282. 284) Thank you! It’s awesome!

  283. 285) Fantastic prizes! Thank you for all you do for the fans!

  284. 286) Yet another awesome giveaway! You guys just share the love with all the fans 🙂

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    Dawn B (@mainelydawn)
  287. 289) Wow! This is soo exciting! I must expand my Outlander decor.

  288. 290) You guys are the best! Everyday you share all things Outlander with the fans. Now to top that you’re giving away swag!

  289. 291) Thanks for fab informaton and lovely pics on your seide!

  290. 292) Thank you for all the work you do!

  291. 293) Hi i love your contests .. i hope to win at least one…bye…

  292. 294) Thank you!

  293. 295) Outlander is the best! I canna wait to hopfully win

  294. 296) Thank you for the chance! Love all things Outlander💙

  295. 297) Thank you so much for having an *international* giveaway!

  296. 298) I am totally LOVING Outlander! Great work from the whole group!!

  297. 299) You guys have the best giveaways!

  298. 300) Thanks for the give away. Love the Outlander books, TV series and the promo stuff.

  299. 301) Fabulous idea! Thank you. 🙂

    Kerstin Guthoerl
  300. 302) So glad to get in on the ground floor. You guys are great!

  301. 303) Liked on FB, followed on Twitter (as @skinsationssoap) and retweeted! Would love a chance to win

  302. 304) These are lovely would love to win one.

  303. 306) I heart giveaways!

  304. 307) Thanks for all you do. 😉 pick me pick me!

  305. 308) Love you gals. I can rely on you for the truth, no nonsense, and lots of fun info. You are my goto site every time.

  306. 309) Many thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!

  307. 310) I believe I’ve covered all the bases required to win that fantastic swag on offer hope I’m lucky cuz I’m feeling it. Lol

  308. 311) Thank you for having these giveaways worldwide!! Good luck to all who enter!

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  322. 325) Love, all that you post and amazing give away!!!

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  324. 327) This is great giveaway. Loving 2nd half of season 1. Preorder on 2nd half next week!

  325. 328) I need this! Ye ken? Love, love, love the series on both book and TV!

  326. 329) Good luck everyone! Some verra nice swag to win!

  327. 330) I can’t remember if I already commented or not. I did all of the other steps. I love this site and would love to win some Outlander goodies. Thanks for all that you do for the Outlander community. <3

  328. 331) Swag! You’d make my day!

  329. 332) Thank you for the chance! And thank you for making the giveaway worldwide 🙂

    Jennifer Roberts-Hall
  330. 333) Thank you for making it international!!

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  332. 335) I Love all things Outlander!

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  342. 347) Because this is LONG OVERDUE…. Thank you so much Outlander Online for all your efforts (practically 24/7) in giving us fans Outlander News! If not said enough, know that it is greatly appreciated. The Give-aways are a big bonus, thanks for that too! 😉 Slainte!

  343. 348) I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. My friends and I love Outlander. Lol, we even get together to watch the show so we can discuss afterwards. Would love to win so

  344. 349) Love this’s my go to site for all Outlander info. GREAT giveaway! keeping my fingers crossed.

  345. 350) I love your website.

  346. 351) Australians included @ last!!! 😃

  347. 352) I’ve tweeted, shared, liked, and shown my love for this page and Outlander! Can’t wait for season 2!

  348. 353) I’d like to take this moment to thank whatever God accidentally played this show instead of black sails. It is wonderful,

  349. 354) Espero tener suerte 😀

  350. 355) I would enjoy winning this so much! Thanks for the opportunity.

  351. 356) Great competition

  352. 357) Am reading “The Fiery Cross” and boy is it a weighty tome but the arm ache is well worth it! Great competition – the winners will be so lucky. Best of luck to all xxx

  353. 358) Awesome site 😆

  354. 360) Thanks for this giveaway and doing what you’re doing, <3 Outlander and Diana Gabaldon 🙂

    Iris Rottensteiner
  355. 361) I love everything about Outlander, the series on t.v. And the books. I would love to win something. Thank you all.

  356. 362) I love everything Outlander, winning something would be cool. Thank you for the giveaway you guys rock

  357. 363) I would love it if I won either one of these. Terrific give a ways.

  358. 364) Thanks for doing the giveaways! It’s very generous of you.

  359. 365) Fantastic prizes! Doesn’t matter which one of us wins this great Outlander package, all are tremendous fans!

  360. 366) Thanx. A Danish outlander fan needs some swag to make watching outlander even more fantastic.

    Fie Birkegaard Andersen
  361. 367) Thanks for all things Outlander!

  362. 368) Good luck to all!!

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