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Here’s a new Graham McTavis interview with Daily Record


From Daily Record:

HE’s the New Zealand actor with an English accent and an army of fans across America.

But Outlander star Graham McTavish says he couldn’t feel more Scottish.

The 54-year-old Glasgow-born actor was celebrating his heritage at New York’s Tartan Day Parade on Saturday as the Parade’s 17th Grand Marshall.

And despite leaving his homeland with his family when he was a kid, the big actor admitted he never felt more Scottish than last weekend.

Speaking to the Record at the HQ of Outlander production company Starz off Fifth Avenue, ahead of the Parade, Graham said: “The diaspora of the Scottish community is so strong in places like this.

“And the sound of the pipes in Manhattan alone is like Scotland to the max. It’s amazing.

“My only regret is that my parents Alec and Ellen weren’t alive to see me marching all these Scots through New York.

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“It’s one of the proudest days of my life. My nationality matters more and more to me.

“I’ve been away from Scotland for decades. I’ve lived in Canada, England and Scotland before New Zealand.

“I did all my early theatre work at the Dundee Rep with people like Jimmy Logan and (late Taggart star) Robert Robertson. There are people I work with now on Outlander who are the same people I started with all those years ago, which is a
great thing.”

He said: “I hadn’t even heard of Outlander before I went up for the part. Then they told me the books had sold 25million copies. It’s an extraordinary phenomenon.

“The fandom of The Hobbit is intense and I’d never experienced anything like it.

“But Outlander edges even that. I’ve no idea how they find us, but there have been times when fans from all over the work have turned up on location when we’re filming in the middle of the Scottish wilderness with home baking.

“They’d follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Like many of those in New York at the weekend, Graham admits he feels the pull of his roots tighten the longer and farther he is away.

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