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*New* Interview of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe with Yahoo TV   1 comment


From Yahoo TV

The honeymoon is most definitely over.

The relationship of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser has always been tangled and tortured and complex — as you probably expect when a wanted Highlands hunk from the 1740s hooks up with a feisty, independent World War II combat nurse who has accidentally fallen through time to keep them both safe from a sadistic English captain who happens to be the distant relative of her present-day spouse. But in the last few episodes of Outlander, they have taken complicated “noisy displeasure” to a whole new level, thanks to the close calls with rape and death, slapping, name-calling, giant blowouts, corporal punishment, cutlery-assisted makeup sex, and ignored commands.

And the actors who play the seemingly star-crossed lovers could not be more tickled with the rising tension, intensified feelings, and constant threat of tragedy. “[In the first eight episodes], we’ve set up this thing, created this beautiful romance, and they were momentarily completely happy,” Sam Heughan (Jamie) tells Yahoo TV. “Now it just gets more and more intense. They’re going to be tested a lot, completely destroyed, and tainted by this other man. And that’s the tragedy of Outlander. It’s so fun. Now we get to really play.”

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New Caitriona Balfe interview with Zap2It   1 comment

New interview of Caitriona Balfe with Zap2It


From Zap2It

Zap2it: With all your intense scenes on Starz’s “Outlander,”  does your character of Claire require some coming down from at the end of the day?
Caitriona Balfe: Only twice that has had to happen. You know, it’s interesting. Some days, those tough, emotional scenes are almost cathartic. You get out anything you need during them and you feel quite exhausted by the end of the day but sometimes you feel quite refreshed in a strange way. It’s like you purged something of yourself.
But one particular day, both Sam [Heughan, her co-star] and I sort of attested to this, when there’s the judgment scene, I guess is what we’re calling it. You know, a lot of people know that’s coming up, which is sort of the punishments where Jamie needs to sort of chastise Claire or whatever for her trying to run, and that was a difficult one because I feel like it’s not something that is easy to wrap your head around … . But I think we both walked away from that day feeling a little like, “Oooof,” just that was tough. It was a tough line to find.

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*VIDEO* New Ron D. Moore, Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish interview with Access Hollywood   1 comment

Here’s a new interview of Ron D. Moore and Gary Lewis with Access Hollywood


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*VIDEO* New Outlander Cast interview with TV Guide   1 comment

Here’s a new interview of the cast of Outlander with TV Guide


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From TV Guide:

Long before becoming an actress, Outlander‘s newest cast member Lotte Verbeek says she wanted to join the circus!

“I used to take circus lessons,” she tells us. “I dreamt of being picked up in the street because they saw me doing something circus-like… and I’d go traveling and be a part of it. My specialty was walking on a big ball. I wonder if I can still do it!”

*New* Pics of Graham McTavish at NY Tartan Week   3 comments

Here are new pics of Graham McTavish at NY Tartan Week 


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Outlander Promotional Poster of Claire and Jamie Fraser now wider   1 comment

Here’s the promo poster for Outlander’s second half of season 1B now wider and in HQ


source: FarFarAway | Via

Short interview of Caitriona Balfe with Channel Guide Magazine   1 comment

Here’s a short interview of Caitriona Balfe with Channel Guide Magazine


From Channel Guide Magazine:

We asked Caitriona Balfe if Claire underestimated the young Laoghaire.

“Oh Laoghaire, that little wench,” Balfe laughs. “I think she has. I think it’s funny. In the beginning she had sort of a — I wouldn’t say a soft spot for Laoghaire — but she definitely sympathized for her. In the beginning when she would try and push Jamie her way, but you know how things change. It’s funny. It’s quite funny to see Claire’s hackles get raised. She’s willing to come down and have a conversation and explain to Laoghaire the error of her ways. Once she gets roused up, she definitely shuts that down and is like, ‘Keep your hands off my man,’ and will pay the price for it later.”