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From Elle Magazine:

So, what was going through your head as you were filming that pivotal, virginal, hugely anticipated sex scene?

We’re very aware that there was some anticipation about that scene, of course. Caitriona [Balfe] and I hadn’t done many of those scenes before. I’d done a little on-stage and in other productions, but it was very much about making our own discovery together. It’s about two people discovering each other; it wasn’t about playing a virgin or playing someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. [My character] Jamie is also invested in it and he’s kind of fallen for her already, or at least, is at the precipice of falling. It’s about him really feeling every moment and it being very sensual. We wanted it to be very sensual. We didn’t want it to be gratuitous or soft porn. I think, if you watch it, we don’t really show an awful lot more than any other show does—in fact we probably show less.

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Yeah, you can’t even pull an especially scandalous screen cap from the scene!

Right. I was very aware, myself, of what I wanted to show and not show. And in my mind it was very much about using imagination. Obviously you can’t show too much, but it’s a Starz show so there were some people in production who wanted us to do that and go that far. I thought it was a really bad idea. I think it’s tremendously important that it’s not treated as just a bit of flesh.

The sneakiest. Have you had to learn to be more careful about what you put up on social media now that you’re supes famous? How much has changed since you posted your very-first-ever tweet? [Editor’s note: I then produced a printout of Heughan’s inaugural tweetfrom my purse, which yeah, was kind of sneaky.]


And now you have 130K followers!

I wonder how many I had then…It was probably about 100. So in four years things have changed a lot, yeah. But also not. I’m working in my home country and see people I went to drama school with, but yeah, as far as social media is concerned I’ve definitely become a little bit more aware of how people can find stuff. And the fans really do find stuff.

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