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Question: Longtime reader and fan, first-time question-asker! I’m wondering what kind of Outlander surprises might be in store in the second half of the season for those of us die-hard book fans? Any crazy changes/additions we should prepare for? —Tracy
Ausiello: Creator/executive producer Ronald D. Moore recently told TVLine about a slight discrepancy taking place at the very end of the season. To keep it spoiler-free for those who haven’t read the Diana Gabaldon novel: There’s that thing that happens at a place that rhymes with “Schmentworth,” and then “instead of going to France and playing all the abbey scenes there, I chose to keep the abbey in Scotland so there is still a danger to them and a need to escape.” But, he reassures fans of the books, “the abbey scenes are still there.”


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  1. That might explain the rehearsal pictures taken on the boat (found on-line, Jamie, Claire & Murtaugh) where Jamie is dressed properly and looks battered, but not dying. Escape to France after the healing at the Abbey. Not vice versa.

    • Yeah, it makes sense. The location of the abbey doesn’t matter so much as the scenes inside it, the content of the scenes. That’s the most important. As long as they end up in France eventually, I think it’ll be fine.

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