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From TV Line:

If it looked like Jamie wanted to kiss Laoghaire in Sunday’s Outlander, star Sam Heughan says, that’s because he did.

The episode included a scene not found in the Diana Gabaldon novel on which the Starz series is based; in the interlude, Heughan’s character is confronted by Laoghaire MacKenzie, the 17-year-old who thought she was Jamie’s main squeeze… until he showed up married to Caitriona Balfe’s Claire.

In an effort to capture Jamie’s attention, Laoghaire (played by Nell Hudson) follows him to a quiet spot in the woods, reveals she’s wearing a corset — but not much else — and suggests that he disregard his newly sworn wedding vows.

And Jamie, whom many fans of the novel and the series alike tend to regard as a perfect male completely devoted to his very new wife… seems to come thisclose to agreeing to Laoghaire’s plan.

“I think he’s absolutely tempted by her,” Heughan tells TVLine. “He has past history with her.”

Blasphemy!, you cry? Yeah, Heughan has heard it — and knowing that the sentiment is an unpopular one, the actor nonetheless defends Laoghaire’s actions.

“She’s totally misunderstood,” he says. “I’m going to get shot down in flames now, but she’s a good girl. It’s really sad, this young love that she feels. Had Claire not turned up, he probably would have been with her and ended up with her.”

He adds: “Jamie’s whole life and whole path certainly would have been very different had Claire not showed up.”

Heughan also teased that the remainder of the season would see great changes in young Mr. Fraser.

“We see him grow up drastically in this second part of the season. He faces a lot of responsibilities,” he says. “He has a duty he has to fulfill, a lot of problems with the clans and the politics there. It’s certainly about a man growing up.”


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  2. I agree with Sam, Jamie has to grow & grow up. He has a few moments with L. then later in the book (we all disliked this part) she waltzes back into his life. She has a “first love” feeling for Jamie & clings to it, forever..

  3. (SPOILER) She’s actually not a “good girl”–the reason she was in the Great Hall and Jamie took the beating for her was because she was acting “forward” with a young man.

  4. I’m so glad I read this! I’m writing a recap for my blog and this for me was such a telling scene about Jamie. About who he is and who he wants to be, about what he plainly says at the start of the show, CHOICES! He was faced with one more here, and he made it.

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  6. Spoiler don’t read this if you haven’t read the books…..Hmm, she does some very hurtful things and does almost get Claire Killed and remember what Jamie’s God Father said – Loaghaire will be a girl until she is 50….and it takes about that long, if then. As Murtagh said, Jamie needed a woman not a girl and he got one in Claire.

  7. This is a very natural reaction for a caring man…. I’m glad this scene was added for no one is perfect… Jamie is a moral man – BUT he did come to his senses and made things right; as a husband should do… When Claire found the “ill wish” Jamie knew exactly who wished them both “ill will”…

  8. Jamie is so level headed not only in this scene but throughout the books!! He is solid!!!

  9. Ron Moore spinning this take on Laoghaire will cheapen the story. Not in the spirit of the books at all or Jamie’s character as depicted in them. He was steadfast, loyal and faithful. Outlander is a different story. Viewers want that story. Might make for better TV to play up the Laoghaire thing, but we can see this on any show on any channel.

    If Sam had read a couple of books ahead, he would see Jamie and especially Laoghaire in a different light. She is not misunderstood, she is vindictive and mean. The wrong woman for him, as he finds out.

    Come on Sam, greater insight is needed into your character.

  10. Well, our dear Sam hasn’t read all the books, or he would know that she was a manipulative b*tch, even then, who tried to have Claire killed! (yes, I know she was jealous and hurt. Doesn’t mean you can kill someone!)
    And then, you know *spoiler alert*, got Jamie to marry her but couldn’t stand him, and then shot him, wanted to kill him, took all his money…
    You know, a nice girl…

  11. Sorry, but she is not a good girl…..I agree with comment above, Laoghaire was called into the hall for “loose morals” by her father for carrying on with not just one lad, but several…..not only that, when she was in the Great Hall with Claire on a bench and Claire waived to Jamie, Laoghaire said “it’s not me he fancies”…..she got that clue…..and then when Laoghaire came to Claire’s surgery asking for a potion to “move a lad’s heart forward”…Laoghaire was well aware that Jamie had no interest in her and now she’s claiming that he led her on…..get a clue honey.. a few kisses don’t make a romance or love for that matter !!

  12. Sam said Jaime was tempted so that shows he is human , not a perfect man but his common sense tells him to pull back Laoghaire will make Jaime’s life miserable cuz she is too limited and immature for him. And she is NOT a good person.

  13. True, we readers learn eventually that Laoghaire isn’t such a nice, innocent girl, but honestly, at this point in the saga, she’s very young and unformed – she’s just a selfish child like many a teenager. At this point, that’s natural. It’s her failure to mature as a person that leads to future events with her, isn’t it?

    Sam has said that he is not reading too far ahead on purpose, so that he can keep his focus at the point where Jamie is as he films, not where Jamie will be several books down the line. I think that’s very wise of him, he’s playing the role of Jamie and to have his performance tinged by knowing events years in his future would not be helpful at all.

  14. Well, it looks like not only Sam hasn’t read the books but Mr. Moore as well. And it’s ridiculous to say that if Clair wasn’t in the picture he probably would have married her, because Clair is in the picture and he still did what he did. A horrible scene, so not in accordance and with the spirit of the books as they’re always so proud to sell us.

  15. I certainly agree with all of the above comments referring to Laoghaire not being a good girl and was surprised that Jamie couldn’t see through her. After all … did he not offer to take a beating for her? Did he not hear why her father wanted her to be punished? In all honesty, that scene really spoiled it for me.

    Danielle Levasseur

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