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Still Jamie & Claire

It looks like the honeymoon is short-lived for Jamie and Claire. Where is their relationship headed in this half of the season?

Sam Heughan: “Their biggest hurdle is that the whole season really tests their relationship. They’re constantly fighting to get back to where they were on their wedding night, and it’s a great tragedy of the show that this wonderful relationship has been tainted for good. And I don’t think we can ever get back there; they’re constantly tested by things that happen. Jamie’s having to grow up now, his history with his sister comes into play, his best friend, and his dead father, too – and they’re trying to find a way to reconnect, but by the very end of the season, Claire and Jamie are left in two very different places.”

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Jamie’s going to find out soon about Claire’s time-traveling secret – how’s that going to go over?

Sam Heughan: “He knows she’s got a secret. When she finally does reveal it, he says he believes her … whether or not he can get his head around what it actually means, that takes a long time, but they have this bond, and they trust each other.”

What about those steamy sex scenes…

Sam Heughan: “We try to approach all the intimate scenes [in terms of] what is this doing to their relationship, how does this move them forward or backwards. They want this to be an adult show as well; the nudity … we want it to be for a reason.”  “Viewers have been surprised and challenged, and [in the coming episodes] … the punishment, the spanking, the torture, the violence … there are a lot of times they’re going to be shocked.”

A lot of the ladies find Jamie Fraser very crush-worthy; how has female fan reaction been for you, Sam, since the show debuted?

Sam Heughan: “I have yet to see the ladies swooning but if they are, that’s wonderful.”

Well, the Outlander fans, as well as author Diana Gabaldon, seem quite pleased with how the show has turned out so far. A big deal was made when the castings were announced.

Caitriona Balfe: “You can only show up and do your job, and your job is to portray your character as best you can, so you can’t look at the bigger picture, you have to take it one step at a time. Ron [Moore] has put together such an amazing team, this alchemy that we’ve built is just amazing, as are the fans.”

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