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What did you guys think of last night’s episode? What was your favourite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen it yet, we thought we’d create a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments! 

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

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43 responses to “The Reckoning Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I loved the epi. I like the part they added where Claire holds a dirk to Jamie’s throat. I think my favourite scene was when Claire explained to Jamie what a sadist and fucking meant lol.

    Nell Hudson does an amazing job as Laoghaire and I love the new voice-overs from Jamie’s POV.

  2. The sex in this episode seemed gratuitous. I almost felt as if the powers-that-be were thinking, ‘Okay…the word’s out about how sexy this show is, so we have to ramp it up.’ I was watching with a friend who hadn’t read the books and I was almost embarrassed at Claire’s shirtlessness, which also felt somewhat forced. I understand what was trying to be conveyed (the battle to adapt to their married state, the peril she placed them in, etc., etc.) but it just didn’t ring true for me. Or maybe, I was just disappointed after the passion and sensitivity of the wedding episode. Perhaps I expected that approach to continue. I will rewatch, for sure.

    • They actually shot this scene before the wedding scene. So, I don’t think they were trying to outdo anything. This was their first sex scene to shoot. I disagree about it being gratuitous. They’ve been through a harrowing thing together. They’ve both had to stretch their ideas of what is”normal”. I think this would have naturally played out in some really tumultuous physicality.

  3. Omg , this episode was so good !! I really like the scene when Jamie saves Claire and when they’re argue ! I think this is one of the best episode since the beginning ! The Spankink Scene was amazing and I laughed when she fights back.
    The end of the episode was really great and funny.

  4. Before everything, sorry, my english isn’t so good…

    As a fan of the books for many years, I think I can criticize, can not I? Anyway … I knew they would change many things … we’re talking about a huge book, where huge chapters has to fit in an episode of 50 or 60 minutes … OK … but I think that some changes were fully unnecessary … adapt, ok … change that much, I don’t agree … who knows the books now realize that the series is taking a different course. First, I didn’t like the change about the “the ring”… totally unnecessary, in the book this passage is much more beautiful … because we feel for the first time the jealous of Claire for Jamie, and the first signal about the “feelings” between them … and they could add this scene in the series with no problems… why the change? There was no need … Another thing … the promise of sincerity between Claire and Jamie … this part is remembered by Diana in all her books, always… I think this promise between them is so important because it’s the basis of everything that they are as a couple … and they cut … a simple scene that didn’t last two minutes or less and they cut… WHY? … now this new scene with Laoghaire … in the books doesn’t happen that, was not this way … when Jamie says he did what he did because Dougal forced him … ????? How so? Jamie was always sincere in saying that he loves Claire since he saw her… Even in An echo in the Bones He say this after resolving all his “problems” with Laoghaire … Diana doesn’t convince me saying this may have happened, they changed it and she accepted the change. I repeat, I know that there would be changes to adapt these books, but I think that they have changed things tha could not be changed. In my country, 80% of readers are dissatisfied with the changes, I’m one of them.

    • Ep 9 exceeded my expectations, enhancing the book version, & was fun looking for details and changes (Easter egg hunt). Like Elysa, I was a bit bent up about the ring & the omission of the secrets but no lies convo. But I’ve been reading the interviews given by Diana & Ron and understand & expect to find important elements & lines appearing out of order. As somebody who’s read all the books, I’m in love with this series & the people who’ve brought this all to life. O I love the battles of wills between Claire & Jamie. We come to understand the depths of their passion for living & loving.

      • I respect your opinion, and indeed, each person has a way to see all that, but unfortunately I didn’t like this adaptation … Jamie has always been an immensely loyal guy, very loyal even to the point of being innocent, he’s pure and innocent… but he isn’t that in the series … he is a different Jamie, totally different from the books. In the books Jamie would never give that excuse for Laoghaire … NEVER… for me is disappointing… see Jamie Fraser I envisioned for years to transform into that guy … I want to make clear that my opinion is not in any way about to the actors … I think that Caitriona is fantastic as Claire and I love Sam too, but the way they are changing the story… This is extremely dangerous, and the preview of episode 10 I saw that will have more extreme change, this is a new version of the Outlander.

    • I am also having a hard time with the adaptations. If I hadn’t read the books, I wouldn’t believe the connection between Jamie and Claire is there (too many things have been cut). The spanking scene was pivotal in the books, but so was the conversation afterwards (while still on the road), as Jamie tries to explain it to her and they make up. In the show, they bring their unresolved (spanking) problems into Castle Leoch, add drama with Loaghair (Leary), and skip another pivotal scene with the ring. Jamie promises Claire he won’t raise a hand to her again, but she STILL has to put a dagger to his throat during makeup sex? Do we really need the extra violence there? And the makeup sex was good, no doubt, but they could have made it a little closer to the book by making the “you’re mine” part more pronounced. As it was, he said he was going to make her call him “master” and then is finished within a few strokes?? Sorry if this makes you all uncomfortable, but they could have made the sex part a little closer to the truth without it feeling like rape (which is the issue so many have had with it). The part about being “bit by a vixen” was completely lost…and so is the connection between Jamie and Claire. They are supposed to get back to the castle and be all wrapped up in each other and their new life together…people can see it, because it shows so clearly on Claire’s face, that they are truly in love. It feels like the writers are rushing things a bit…putting in what they think are all the “good parts” but missing a lot of the meat of the story that convinces you of the love. I will still watch the show, definitely, but am disappointed.

    • I agree Vane. Lots of missed chances to further and develop J/C’s relationship (which is what the books are about). ITB, they were more than just strangers, they were friends. This has been almost completely lost in the series (so far). I wish they had kept the ring story because 1)Jamie personally picked it out and 2)It’s inscription is what convinces “ppl” that she is telling the truth. I was also a little taken back when they had Jamie suspect Laoghaire. ITBs, He seems clueless of her antics until FC.. I have no problem with the actors just kinda wondering where are they going with this story because so many things have been added and important scenes, that are referred to through out the books, left out. In all, hope my comment makes sense and it’s JMHO. 🙂

  5. Everyone has their own perspectives but I was actually a little disappointed watching The Reckoning. While the acting is superb I didn’t feel as if some of the scenes were “genuine” enough. All in all it was a good episode but not a great season premiere episode. Thats just my perspective and I have read the books.

  6. Good grief, the show is better than the book. The sex was perfect!

  7. I did enjoy this episode. While the strapping scene was still problematic, I felt that Claire fighting back and the later scene with the dirk balanced it out somewhat. By the end of the episode Claire is as powerful as Jamie, he’s sworn fealty to her and she has established her power over him. I look forward to the rest of the season as it’s all ramping up from here!

  8. omg it was leary in the secen with Jamie by the rivef and she want to have sex with him it was not the woman from the exhile.

  9. I loved it. So impressed with the abilities of the actors. My heart broke after the screaming match by the river as Jamie realizes he’s gone too far with his anger. He was so tender and forgiving to Claire. It was a good preamble to the spanking scene. He knows he must mete out a punishment for Claire’s actions as it is his duty to do so for putting the Clan at risk. She’s so stubborn, Jamie has met his match.

  10. I loved the episode. Favorite scenes were the argument by the river, the spanking, Jamie dropping down on knee to pledge an oath to Claire and the make up sex with tangled bodies. Frankly, the books make me blush and so does the show.

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. There was so much to love about it but there were also things added that I hated. I still don’t understand the controversy about the spanking scene. Claire’s punishment was mild by the standards of the day. I’m seeing a bit of a double standard here. I will keep an open mind until I see the rest of season 1.

  12. I was concerned about this episode…domestic violence is never justified. I honestly can’t believe that the spanking was done in a way that I got it… I had to wrap my head around a 1) man’s and 2) the times and 3) how these infractions where dealt with, all challenging. From what I’ve seen, when the writers stray from the books, it always enhances and moves the story… We don’t get to get inside Leoghaire’s head in the books. The tension between the brothers was so palpable, I liked seeing Colum’s grit. And the sex scene was as powerful as it should have been…it was truly Claire and Jamie. My favorite line of the episode? When Jamie said,”I went into Ft. William with an unloaded pistol and my two bare hands”…..FT. WILLIAM!!!! That spoke volumes to me. And the acting done by our dear couple was beyond my imagination. Bravo to everyone.

    • I agree!! Lets face it, this is a tough task, please the readers, and make it interesting for people who have not read the books; and you can’t put it all in!! I was impressed with what they did include. The fight was powerful, Claire really went head to head with Jamie, as well as the acting, Cait did not shy away! I also agree, since this episode was from Jamie’s view, when he made the comment about going into Ft William….., you get the risk, fear, jeopardy of all that was done for Claire, which explains all to follow. His emotions were so well acted and we hear how deep his love for Claire is – just what he’s willing to risk.

      I also agree right on about the spanking scene, so I don’t need to comment on that, well done. Loved the scenes with the brothers as well, so so strong! Collum may be the shortest in height, but he sure packs a wallop with his voice and attitude!!! Terrific acting there!! And, the sex scene at the end, their make up, was powerful and appropriate. There’s no hiding Jamie and Claire’s attraction, but we’re seeing the depth of their love growing. Their ability to communicate their feelings and grow as a couple. This was a great episode for me, and the acting was terrific for everyone!!

  13. I enjoyed this episode. Thought it was well done. Movies will never be as good as the books. But the acting was good. Even my husband enjoyed it. Can’t wait for next week!

  14. I am on my 3rd reading of the entire book series and I am very impressed with the adaptations they are doing. The essence of who these characters are and the journey they are on to stay together is in tact. The dialogue between Jamie and Claire was verbatim out of the book. I thought all their scenes were excellent and believable. I like that they are expanding the story beyond the book. I think it is improving on the book in some ways. It gives the book fans something new to look forward to and experience. I love that they expanded Frank and Black Jack so that you got into their heads. Same with Laorghaire who will be back if the show continues to Book 3. One can see why she was under the impression that Jamie felt as she did when he took the beating for her and was kissing her and “burning” as he put it. I like that you see that he was in fact tempted by her and feels compassion and regret that he has broken her heart. The political aspects were very interesting and the “voice of reason” that Jamie was with Colum. What they added and what I found intriguing was that Colum was upset that Jamie married a Sassenach because it made it impossible for him to be a potential laird of the clan. That tells me that he is feels Jamie would be a better laird than Dougal. Even if Dougal did become laird, what happens if he gets killed in battle and Hamish is still too young to be a functional laird. Jamie was his ace in the hole and now that option is off the table. I am amazed at how faithful they have been to the book given other adaptations I have seen. You can’t please everyone, but so far I am thrilled with what I am seeing.

    • Ah!! Finally someone sees Laoghaire as I do…. As she should be seen!! Why is it that people don’t seem to see it this way?! The first scene with Laoghaire and Jamie was great, I totally see her view. The second one I wasn’t keen on though… The first one was necessary, the second one was not!! But Laoghaire DOES have a reason to be upset!! Jamie took the beating for her, and he kissed her. She is fair in thinking Jamie felt the same as she did, and being heartbroken by him and jealous of Claire!! And remember…. She IS only 16!! Nell Hudson plays Laighaire so well!! I like her!! 🙂

  15. In terms of the relationship between Claire and Jamie, the first half of the chapter was quite good. I was a bit worried with the ‘beating scene’ but they managed to deliver it in a ‘dignified’ manner. The second half is a different story. Not only they didn’t do enough justice to Jamie and Claire’s reconciliation scene, which I think is crucial for people to understand the dynamic between these two strong characters, especially the ones who haven’t read the books (even the hot scene couldn’t fix it), they’ve also managed to damage Jamie’s character with that scene with Laoghaire, which in my opinion was too “out of character” for him. He may not have caved to temptation but it was a close call. Too close. Not my Jamie at all.

  16. Great acting! I hope they both get Emmy’s. Tobias also for the other episodes. But honestly, the first time I watched last nite’s hot action, it felt uncomfortable because it didn’t feel right to watch what I consider my FAMILY MEMBERS being close to orgasm! I managed to watch without looking away the second time though. Sam admitted they got rug burns; I wonder how many hours it took to film that.
    Also wonder how Claire managed to not sink in the water with all those clothing layers on!

  17. Very impressed with Ep #9. It was a well written & constructed adaptation. There was so much material to include from the book. I thought Ron Moore, Maril Davis, Matt Roberts & the entire Outlander Writers Team did a great job incorporating the material from the book and adding some additional parts to augment the storyline. Bravo & cudos to them all. Sam & Cait did a wonderful job interacting with each other at the watering hole and at Castle Leoch. Looked like it was not easy to film these scenes for them. Especially the love scene, which I understand was made before Ep #7 of the Wedding. Sam & Cait didn’t really know each that well to do something that intimate. I even liked them incorporating scene with Laoghaire and Jamie. At first, didn’t think it was necessary, but it was to the storyline. I understand from other fans the Writers wanted Jamie to kiss Laoghaire in this segment, but Maril Davis nixed the idea. I’m glad Maril she did interject her knowledge of the continuing storyline between Jamie and Laoghaire in this regard. All in all, a wonderful job by the entire production company, cast and crew.

  18. There were so many Dramatic Scenes. The Cast is Awesome. Where did Caitriona Balfe learn to act? She had been fantastic in every single episode. Hope the Hollywood Foreign Press and SAG members are watching Outlander. Outlander – Crew and Crew are Very Deserving of Praise and Awards!

    Rosemary (FlyingRabbits_3)
  19. I thought the episode was outstanding, as we’ve come to expect from everyone involved in Outlander. Coming form Jamie’s POV was not only a stroke of genius but definitely needed as we get to understand why he was doing what he was doing throughout. Also, we get to see his conversation with Laoghire which he tells Claire about in the book, but since it’s her POV in the book we never know exactly what Jamie says to her. I say BRAVO to how this episode was laid out. That all being said, the only teeny tiny thing I didn’t like was the fact that while Jamie admits through voice over basically that he’s been in love with Claire since forever (right after they forgive each other after the fight), when Laoghire intercepts Jamie in Castle Leoch and then tries to seduce him at the river, he never just point blank tells her he’s in love with Claire. It seems like the Jamie we all know and love both from the book and the t.v. show would have maybe said, “yeah, the marriage was arranged, but I’ve fallen in love with her” or “I’ve loved her since I’ve first met her” or SOMETHING. I kept wanting to hit him on the back of the head to get him to spit it out…haha!!!

    And, although, like most people, I can’t stand Laoghire, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t surprised she came on to Jamie…I mean, she’s been in love with the guy for all of her 16 years, he had his hands all over her before he left for the road and had taken a beating for her, then comes back with a wife and tells her it was an arranged marriage – and nothing more – followed by looking super forlorn skipping rocks at his favorite secret place. Don’t get me wrong, the girl has to go, but just saying I’m not surprised she tested the waters. Over all – excellent episode!!!

    • Lots of people seem to be forgetting that Jamie doesn’t tell Claire he loves her until after they get to Lallybroch. Why on earth would he tell Leery he loves Claire? He hasn’t said it to Claire yet. Jaime is trying not to hurt this young woman. He may feel a twinge of guilt for leading her on a bit. And when she throws herself at him, it takes him a moment to collect himself. All understandable.

      Suzanne Gerhold
  20. Just finished my 4th rewatch. There is so much that I like in this episode. I think the vision for the changes was right on, understanding that there is a bigger audience than the book readers that the show has to appeal to. The acting was superb. The Jamie voice over was just right to remind us that while it is Claire’s story, it is the two of them now. I’m glad he finally told her that the ring is the key to Lallybroch. The tension between the brothers was well done and Jamie’s insight on how to restore peace with them is the first glimpse of the adult Jamie we see going forward. I agree, however that they need to put in the honesty agreement, hopefully they did, it not, there is a piece missing. Oh, and the makeup sex scene was spot on. It was about equality.

  21. my favorite scene in the episode the reckoning was when Jamie promise to never hit Claire ever again

  22. I have to say after droughtlander and Terry educating us to her work, I suddenly had the immense appreciation for the costumes and the set design. Those people are definitely the unsung hero’s of this series!

  23. I saw #9 last night and loves it…almost. I didn’t like the river scene when Laoghire came on to Jamie and the dialogue that followed. He was very meek and wuss-like defending his marriage to Clair and also should not have allowed her to get that close to him. IT seemed as though he was leading her on to almost kiss her before he pulled back….you could see he wanted to do it. Please don’t put any more scenes like that in this series, you are going to kill his “loving Clair” character. As far as the honesty he insisted on to Clair, I think he had feelings for L. that he did not admit. Also, I noticed that he looked a little less” Jamie like” this season. He’s a lot thinner and has lost some of the first seasons sexy bulk he was toting around and his makeup is a little different I noticed it right away. I still am a serious Outlander follower. but keep the love and trust between him and Clai a constant. This is the heart of the show. Can’t wait for next week’s.#10.

  24. I finally got to see the episode here in Canada. I LOVED IT!! Yes, there were differences between the books and the adaptation, but that is to be expected. The fight scene next to the river was so well done. Can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow.

  25. The scenes between Jamie and Laoghaire were not good although acting was fabulous. Understandable if writers want to add their storyline twist but Jamie’s character was undermined in both scenes.

    At the castle, he sounds like the weasel Colum proclaimed him as he tells Laoghaire that the wedding was all Dougal’s arrangement – so don’t blame him.

    He looks even weaker by the river where he passively allows Laoghaire to take his hand and moments later to place his other hand on her breast and then leans down for her kiss? Seems like the rift between he and Claire as a wound that will not heal went bye-bye pretty darn fast! Give him a half covered-breast and his bride of astonishing beauty is instantly forgotten?

    This version of Jamie’s character is unsupported in the books. He really came off as NOT the “king of men” in these scenes. Cannot see how he is going to convincingly transform into the faithful loving spouse after this betrayal. I sure hope this character RIF of Jamie stops.

  26. I have read all of the books a couple of times, but I still am able to somewhat separate the series from the books. i did not go into watching this series with the expectations that all will be the same as the books, 1. It is just not possible to fit it all in, 2. For those not having read the books they don’t know something is missing or added. My husband never read them and loves the show. I do not tell him every nit picking thing that is different. I just enjoy it for what it is. I think Jamie was trying to let Laoghaire down easy, to not hurt her feelings more than he had to. As for him almost kissing her, my God the man is a male and may have been tempted – but only one on split second! He had just been turned from his wife’s bed! Laoghaire had no reason to expect him to “come back” to her just because he kissed her. He made no claim on her or promise to her. She was just living a fantasy. Hell, she almost got a beating (but didn’t thanks to Jamie) for inappropriate behavior with another person. Did everyone forget that part? Little slut (haha.) The reason Jamie took the beating, as he told Claire, was to prevent L’s reputation being ruined and he could take the beating. He never expressed any kind of feeling for her. As for the spanking scene, I wish people would look at it for what it was in those times, and not compare it to domestic violence. Jamie has a moral code to live by and this is part of how he was raised. I think that changing his ways in declaring to Claire that he would never do it again, that was a big step for him, or any other man of the 1800s. The sex – yes! I did not find it gratuitous at all. I thought it showed they there were able to overcome their differences and connect in the most human way possible, with love. I think the acting was awesome. I have been seeing so many interviews and pictures of Sam, Cait and Tobias, but as soon as the ep. 9 started, I no longer saw them but saw only Jamie, Claire, and BJR! I so look forward to the rest of the series!

  27. There were scenes I really loved & other ones not so much. I loved the scene by the river, it showed the Jamie & Claire I know from the books. I almost cried when he said “you’re tearing my gut’s out Claire”, the look on Claire’s face when he said that showed how much she really cares about him & then she ran to him, the face touching & the sympathy they had for what they had said to each other was really intimate in a non sexual way & I loved it! The spanking scene was just how I imagined it when I read the book, Claire was not about to “submit” to being spanked lol. The sex scene was ok, not exactly how it was in the book but close enough. I know there will be differences between the book & the show but I did not like the scenes with leghair, although I’m trying to figure out why the writer’s of the show added them. I’m thinking the scene’s with leghair were meant to show us Jamie’s turmoil, he was thinking in his mind that Claire didn’t want him anymore & he was trying to figure out what to do to get her back when leghair strolled up half naked basically throwing herself at him. I am disappointed that he didn’t tell her straight away that he loved Claire but given the situation he may not have wanted to just incase Claire kicked him to the curb. I think maybe the writer’s are trying to keep leghair in the story so that she will always be Jamie’s 2nd choice because of how it plays out in Voyager. I also really wanted to see the return to Leoch as it was in the book. Claire in his arms worn out from travel then her in the room by herself letting her mind go crazy with thoughts of Jamie & leghair, then the whole part where she tells him that she has no claim on him. I really hope they fit that in next episode, given how it ended with Jamie saying “laoghaire” lol I think it might, it is a pivotal point in their relationship. It’s where Claire starts admitting to herself that she loves Jamie & realizes just how much he loves her too. So yea I was disappointed with the way the show portrayed their return. Bottom line for me the episode showed how much Jamie loves Claire & what he is willing to do or not do to keep her.

  28. Please omit any further scenes with Leary being mentioned or showing up in the river scene, as you did . It was a bad choice in my opinion, and it still sours the loyal image I had for him when it came to Clair.Jamie is always laying his life on the line when it came to Clair, so why show him being evasive and somewhat cowardly when it came down to his being honest with Leary about his true feelings for his wife and lead her on in a way where he somewhat implied that he was merely forced into marrying her and that was all there was to it. I realize he was caught in a situation where he did not want to hurt her feelings, but he went too far and gave her hope and a very nasty attitude regarding Claire..This scene
    is going to do some damage and Leary should stay far into the background until it is time for her to show up after Claire has been gone for a long tome and was presumed dead . If I was Claire and witnessed that scene by the river, I would have been long gone and back to the standing stones.

    • I agree with you, I did not like that scene either. The Jamie I know from the books would’ve told her straight away that even though the marriage was arranged by Dougal, he loves Claire. He would not have allowed her to put his hands on her boobs, let alone give one a squeeze! In my opinion the only reason he was even kissing leghair in the alcove that time was because Claire had told him the night before she was leaving the next day with the tinker. We all know from the books that he was already in love with Claire at that time & would have probably never given leghair the time of day had he known Claire wasn’t going anywhere. I’m trying to figure out where they’re going with the whole leghair thing. I wish that instead of adding the scenes with her (Colum & Dougal) that weren’t in the book that they would have kept the return to leoch the way Diana wrote it in the book. I know thing’s will not be exactly as it was in the book but to me they took out some important parts between Jamie & Claire, that I really wanted to see. They could’ve done it differently, most of us who have read the books already know that leghair will be hated eventually in the 3rd season, why focus on her now?

  29. There’s no doubt that people who haven’t read the books have a completely different level of expectations and thus perhaps less bothered by the scene in the river and other changes that have been made by the adaptation to TV. Up till this chapter, I found I could “live” with those changes. In this chapter, however, they’ve went too far and managed to blemished Jamie’s character. He wasn’t portrayed as someone who was able to resist temptation, he appeared as one who came too close to fall into one and there’s a big difference between the two. Furthermore, In this chapter, Jamie’s character is hardly the ‘powerful’ and “greater than life” as he is portrayed in the books and It really bugged me that they chose to put the scene when he swear to never hurt Claire again right after the scene in the river with Laoghaire. That made him look like someone who will say anything just to be able to finally get laid. It has demeaned the scene in the book.

  30. I have looked forward to this episode for so long that I would have forgiven anything just to see my favourite show with my beloved characters back on TV. To hear lines memorised from the books come to life on the screen has been amazing. I’m very impressed with the actors,who have done such an excellent job and the production team who have made it all so beautiful to watch. Of course, there are things that I would have liked to see that haven’t been included but they are doing a great job of telling the story in a different medium, getting to the same point in different ways. I’m particularly looking forward to and dreading the Wentworth scenes, bucket and tissues will be required if The Garrison Commander is any indication of how I will feel. My favourite scene this episode was the fight by the stream, so real and visceral, my heart was breaking for Jamie when he said she was tearing his guts out. The punishment scene was unexpectedly funny, I remember being so angry and outraged on Claire’s behalf reading the book, so doing the episode from Jamie’s POV made a lot of sense. Really enjoying the series and interaction online with fans, cast, writers etc, outlander fans are smart and interesting people,

  31. I just love this episode. The additions are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more in the future. The writers did a great job! The acting was outstanding and you can really see how well they all have fallen into their roles. I really thought the spanking scene was handled perfectly with humor, it definitely made me laugh. I thought it made the episode. So many terrible things happen to these characters, I found the humor uplifting. Thumbs up.

  32. There was much I loved about this “The Reckoning” episode and I thought the acting was excellent – however, my husband and brother (who I lured into watching the series at the beginning and who now secretly love it although my husband continues to refer to it as “your show”) were both disappointed with it. I thought they would appreciate that this episode was told from Jamie’s (male) POV. We did discuss the “spanking” issue but neither one had much to offer and just shrugged while I tried to discuss various points (the theme of power struggle that ran through the episode – Jamie/Claire, Colum/Dougal, also the theme of loyalty – Jamie/Claire, Colum/Dougal, Willie-Colum vs Rupert-Angus-Dougal etc, Jamie/Laoghire, the cultural/historical perspective on marriage/role of women, punishment etc). They appeared a bit puzzled (maybe unsettled) by the sex scenes, maybe because of the violence associated with some of it and Jamie’s saying that he enjoyed it. (Neither have read the book). So a dead end instead of what I thought would be a lively discussion…

    So happy to have the show back and while I will always wish they could fit more of the book into the series, I fully understand that there are logistical/storyline reasons why it just isn’t feasible and wouldn’t want them to throw in so much that it turned into a hot mess. I think those of us who have read (and re-read)the books have a deep emotional attachment to the story and characters and feel we “own” them because of our investment in them but there are probably many, many viewers who have not read the books and therefore have no preconceived ideas and expectations and are able to just let the show unfold. Hopefully, both the readers and non-readers are enjoying the ride!

  33. Disappointedly, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after viewing episode 9. I am quite upset about it. I felt the sex scene was not so much gratuitous as disjointed, no cohesiveness between the pair, wooden and all around weird, in spite of the passion (and if what one writer said was true – this sex scene was filmed before episode 7, it makes it understandable)
    I accept the fact that for diverse reasons the book cannot be followed page by page, but the sense/spirit of J/C’s relationship must be maintained and not compromised – the bond, although tenous, at this point, is still in the throes of cementing itself.
    Having said that, the scene with Laoghaire, is also sort of acceptable in view of the fact that Jamie has gone without “love” past few days (I believe) due Claire shutting him out pursuant to spanking incident. I hoping that it will adjust itself in the coming episodes. I am an ardent Outlander fan, becoming very attached after having experienced all 8 episodes before I even finished reading Book 2. I have been relentless in my “gushingness” to anybody in hearing distance about the series, but presently I feel like the wind has been knocked out of my sails.

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