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Outlander 2014

Ron D. Moore’s podcast for Episode 1×09 of Outlander, The Reckoning. Click here or on the screencap above to be redirected to Outlander Starz’s  website where you can download it. 

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2 responses to “Ron D. Moore’s Podcast For Episode 1×09 of Outlander – The Reckoning

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  1. First the good news: I loved all the acting and almost all the creative writing of episode nine. Kudos for a job well done!
    Now the “bad” (not horrible) news: 1. Claire swore to Jamie that she would be at the glade when he returned. She broke her promise and that action should have been exposed. This betrayal of her word of honor was completely thrown away by the writers and that is a shame. Would that have happened had Claire been a man? 2. The scene between Laoghaire and Jamie is annoying. It was fine until he responded to her temptation. Although that may be the expected response for many men, it was inconsistent with Jamie’s character. He owed Laoghaire courtesy and nothing more. Yes, he told Claire he was burning when he kissed Laoghaire in the alcove but it wasn’t a 16 year old lassie (who will be a girl until she is fifty) for whom he longed.

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