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From Assignment X

AX: Do you think Claire sees herself differently in the 1940s and in the 1700s, or that she’s coming to see herself differently?

CAITRIONA BALFE: Well, I think as she’s in the 1700s longer and longer, she’s really had to make some changes, and she’s had to gain an awareness about, maybe she’s a little rash to judge, maybe she’s a little rash to act, and she’s going to need to do some soul-searching about the repercussions her actions have on other people.

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AX: You play some very intimate scenes, some of which are fun for Claire – when she’s with Jamie and when she’s with Frank – and some of which are horrific, as she’s assaulted by several different men, including Jack. Is one sort of scene easier to do than the other?

BALFE: Well, I think they both have their own complications and their own challenges. Obviously, it’s nicer to be emoting a positive emotion rather than a negative one – those days are always a little bit easier – but those have their own challenges, too. It’s a different type of vulnerability and a different type of exposure.

AX: You make Claire appear very comfortable in the scenes where Claire is being intimate with Jamie or with Frank …

BALFE: Well, I think it’s because I trust my costars so much. I think Sam and I and Tobias and I have just built up such great friendships that it makes it very easy when it comes to those scenes. As awkward and as challenging as they are, I think when you have people there that you trust, it just makes them easier.

AX: Tobias Menzies plays both Claire’s beloved husband and the extremely scary Jack Randall. Do you feel you are working with a different person when he’s playing each character, or is that a challenge, to remember that it’s meant to be two different people?

BALFE: No. I mean, he’s such a fantastic actor that when he’s off set, when we’re not working and he’s just Tobias and we hang out and we have lunch in our trailers, some of the scenes that we share [when he’s playing Jack] are very challenging, so just by that very nature, we’re not goofing around as much as we would if maybe perhaps it was Frank and Claire. He’s not Method, but he’s a very, very dedicated actor. It’s easy to separate.

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