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From Buzzfeed:

While Outlander is primarily set in the Scottish hillsides, in real life, Menzies is English. So we figured that if anyone would know the meaning behind old English insults, it would be him.

The Game: We give Menzies a real and absolutely antiquated English insult, he gives us what he thinks is the definition, and we provide the real one.



“A sheep biter is, I mean, I know what you’re thinking: It might be a guy who bites sheep. But that’s wrong,” he said. “A sheep-biter is a person who, when he shears sheep, he’s not very good, he nicks the sheep with the shearing knives. So he’s a clumsy sheep shearer.”

Correct: A poor, sneaking, ill-looking fellow

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Butter’d Bun



“I know what you’re thinking,” he laughed. “You’re thinking it’s a bun with lots of butter on it, but you’d be wrong. You know how women put their hair up in buns? I think it’s a woman who’s got a bit drunk, and she’s put a bit too much butter on that hairdo. It’s an old period thing; they used to put butter in their hair. I don’t know why they did. So this is a drunk woman who just got a bit foul with the butter.”

Wrong: A woman that has just laid with another man.



 Correct: A chatterer, gossip, scandal-monger



“I think he’s a person who, when he drinks quite a lot of rum, he starts telling a lot of jokes. He’s a rum-gagger,” he explained. “So after about five rums, the jokes just start coming. They’re not necessarily good, but there are a lot of them.”

Correct: A cheat who tells wonderful stories of his sufferings at sea to obtain money



“It’s a lascivious thought. To have a sinworm about someone is to have a lascivious thought about them. How wrong am I from 1 to 10?”

Correct: A vile, sinful creature



Correct: An unperforming husband, one that is insufficient




“A mammothrept — easy for you to say — is a very little known dinosaur,” he said. “The mammothrept. There was only one of them, and then they died out.”

Wrong: A spoiled child

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