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From The Televixen:

Outlander is finally back this weekend, and we have a very special treat — a conversation with Sam Heughan from his recent visit to Toronto! In it, we chat about the darker turn the series takes in the second half of the season, Claire and Jamie’s marriage, getting ready to film Season 2 and more!

We are getting ready for the return of Outlander. What can you tease about the first episode back? I find it very fascinating since it’s from Jamie’s perspective.

It is indeed, yes. The first episode of the second part of the season starts off from Jamie’s perspective. Basically, you pick up from where we left off, where Jamie is rescuing Claire from the clutches of Black Jack Randall. And it flashes back to sort of when Jamie found out about that she had been captured and then what he had to go through to get there. He has also been having meetings with a deserter called Horrocks who could ultimately help him clear his name as an outlaw. So, it’s a very action-packed first episode – a lot happens. There is a scene that then follows the rescue that really tests Jamie and Claire’s relationship and then sort of continues through the next episodes.

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I know what scene you’re referring to. My goodness! I have to say though, the way that scene was handled, you can see a definite struggle in Jamie, like “I have to do this because it’s expected of me, but I really don’t want to do this.”

Absolutely, yeah. I think he’s a man of the time. We’re alluding to – well, I think it not a spoiler — but he gives up some corporal punishment to Claire, punishes her for putting everyone in danger and ultimately, you know, putting everyone’s lives at risk. And these are very dangerous times; however, he’s learned this through his moral code, through how he’s been brought up, and it is his duty to punish her. Ultimately, he may not wholly agree with that but it’s what he’s learned and what is expected of him.

When you first became involved with Outlander, did you know the TV series was going to be such a global phenomenon? What were your initial reactions when the buzz began?

Yes – I mean, I could see it obviously on social media and in the news. You know, it’s fantastic when people are really excited about this. Obviously, you know, there are so many fans there from Diana’s books, some of the novels she’s written. But, fortunately for us, we were kind of removed from it in Scotland. We were away from all of that and I think it’s been really important that we’ve been able to just concentrate on the job and not think too much about how it is being received. And so when we eventually did go to certain places like Comic-Con, it’s such an amazing experience to see that enthusiasm.

You mention being removed from the fans in Scotland while filming. Have fans started dropping by the studios and locations  while you’re filming?

Yes we have had a lot of fans find our studios and take photos outside. It’s quite funny because they are the most unglamorous exteriors of any place. They really are in the middle of nowhere and don’t look that glamorous from the outside. And also when we’re filming up in the Highlands and are on location you have fans that somehow find us and I didn’t quite know how. There must be some sort of mole, or maybe they’ve got a tracking device, I don’t know but it’s impressive.

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