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Men’s Fitness caught up with Heughan to get his take on what fans can expect in the coming months.”The whole second part of the season gets a lot darker. The relationship between Claire and Jamie and the other members of the clan get tested a lot. The momentum of the show gets darker and darker, and honestly I think stronger. It climaxes at the end of the season with some challenging viewing, so I think there is a lot to look forward to,” says Heughan.

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While the 6’3” Heughan was no weakling, he did have to hit the gym to get into Highland warrior shape. “Before I got the job I was probably around 82-84 kg (180-185 pounds). I was doing a lot of running; I ran for a charity team and did a lot of marathon running, but I had to look a bit bigger and I needed to look like someone who could take care of himself. He (Jamie) is an outdoors man and a warrior, so I had six weeks in London with a trainer at a CrossFit gym and we started learning the necessary deadlifts and Olympic lifts and then did a lot of conditioning work. Throughout the year I built up my way to 92-94 kgs (202-207 pounds) and really saw my lifts get a lot stronger.” (Heughan’s personal best deadlift is 180kg [396.8 pounds] and he is aiming for 200kg [440.9 pounds] by June.)

While Heughan was in boot camp-mode and training two or three times a day, he was “eating everything,” but he tried to keep his diet as clean as possible with sweet potatoes, chicken, and peanut butter as staples to fuel his muscle growth. Once he got on set, he had to adapt accordingly. “During shooting my weight did vary a little, because it is quite difficult when you are on location, and good nutrition can be hard to find. I started taking supplements, and I started eating protein bars as they were easy to carry around. In the last few months I went Paleo, as my character Jamie gets captured and he is in prison for a short while. I wanted to lean out a bit more, and I did find that that did help, though it was quite difficult at first to get into that regime.”

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  2. Sam, it takes a great sense of determinations to go where you have gone and this I think you have in spades. Jamie looks great in all the scenes.

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