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Glamour: Without giving away too many spoilers, what can we expect from the new episodes?
Sam Heughan: Honestly, the show gets much stronger and darker—the momentum from the first half really carries through to the second part. We find out a lot more about Jamie’s background; we find out that he’s maybe not as perfect as we thought he was.

Glamour: He has flaws?
S.H.: We see more of his feelings, his stubbornness, his pride. He has to make some very important decisions in the second season. There are some difficult moments ahead for him and Claire, and it takes their relationship to some interesting places.

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Glamour: Were these later scenes more challenging to film?
S.H.: In the last few episodes, there’s some pretty intense stuff that happens to Jamie with Black Jack—a lot of torture. It gets pretty full-on. Those were certainly tougher to film, but very rewarding. Also, Jamie and Claire’s relationship is tested throughout the episodes. It’s not an easy journey, but ultimately they’re brought closer together. There’s a sense of resolve at the end.

Glamour: You’ve been in this character’s head for so long—do you ever catch yourself having a Jamie moment, or do you feel like you relate to him in some way?
S.H.: He’s such a complex character, and as the season progresses he really has to grow up quite a bit. He has to decide who he wants to be in life—if this is a path and a relationship that he really wants. I think that’s reflected in every young man. You have to grow up and think, “What do I want to do with my life?” There are absolutely parallels with my own experience.

Glamour: Except that Jamie’s from 1740s Scotland! What about bringing that era to life has been most interesting?
S.H.: I think men at that time had a different moral code—things were simpler, in a way. If a man gave you his word, he would follow through. I think we’ve lost that now, and that’s a shame. But the sheer costuming of the show, the weaponry, and the horse riding, that’s been amazing.

Glamour: Did you know how to ride horses before?
S.H.: I’m an actor, so of course every time you go for a job you say “Yes, I can ride a horse,” and then when you get there on the day you’re like, “Ahh!” But we had a week-long boot camp where I got to really learn. Now I feel very confident, and I’m always excited to get to go for a ride. My horse is amazing; when Jamie gets a new horse at the end of the season, I was gutted.
Glamour: So, horseback riding, Outlander boot camp—that all sounds pretty intense. What’s your ideal day when you’re not filming?
S.H.: I love to go outdoors, climbing and hill walking are an amazing way to see Scotland. I certainly like to work out, if I can. And alcohol is normally involved at the end of the day.

Glamour: What’s your drink?
S.H.: Well, I’ve got to say whiskey, haven’t I? It’s amazing. It’s part of what I’ve enjoyed most—seeing more of Scotland, really discovering my country and the culture.

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