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Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with Collider


Collider: Have you felt the affects of the overwhelming fan support for the show, or are you in your own bubble, working on this show?

SAM HEUGHAN: We’re in Scotland and we are in a bubble. It hasn’t aired in the UK yet, so it’s quite nice to be anonymous there and get on with the job. And then, coming to America or wherever it’s being shown, the reaction has been fantastic. Being recognized, people are very, very friendly and genuine when they meet you. I’ve met them in the airport or in the street, and it’s lovely. We’re aware of it on Twitter and Facebook, and that support is fantastic. I always get really excited when I know an episode is coming up. I can’t wait for the fans to see it.

There are obviously big moments with this story that the fans wait to see brought to life. Is it fun to get to see the immediate reaction to those moments?

HEUGHAN: Absolutely! There are so many moments in the show, and I have a little thrill, every time. It’s really exciting.

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Are there any upcoming episodes that you can’t wait to see the reaction for?

HEUGHAN: Not to sound big-headed, but so much goes on in the second part of the season. There’s so much that happens. There’s the escape. I love the scene where Caitriona and I almost tore lumps out of each during this big argument. There’s the spanking. There’s the witch trial, which is fantastic. There’s the moment she reveals she’s from the future. There are all of these moments. In the second part of the season, we find out a lot more about Jamie. We go back to Lallybroch and find out about his sister, his relationship there, and his relationship with his father. We have flashbacks to what happened at the very beginning and why those relationships are the way they are. Ultimately, for me, the most important thing is what happens with Black Jack and this breaking of Jamie, and where that leaves Jamie and Claire and their relationship.

What was it like to get to explore the fact that Jamie had other possibilities waiting for him, before Claire came along?

HEUGHAN: Yeah. He feels terrible because, if Claire hadn’t turned up, who knows what would have happened. And I love that Laoghaire is not just this heartless girl. She’s a young girl in love, and I think that’s really touching. We see a lot more from Jamie’s point of view. In Episode 109, we have his voice-over. You just get to understand a little bit more about who he is, and his relationship with Claire is sorely tested, as well.

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