New Pictures of Sam Heughan from Yahoo   5 comments

Here are new pics of Sam Heughan from his interview at Yahoo TV


See more pics after the jump

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5 responses to “New Pictures of Sam Heughan from Yahoo

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  1. Is that a spelling error on the card? Or just REALLY inappropriate? Either way . . . bad form.

    • It was so fuzzy and small I didn’t notice it at first, but you are right! Someone should have caught that one and pulled it.

    • You do know the word “snatch” has other meanings? You’re seeing something without the context behind the photo so maybe calm down a bit…

      • Thanks, you are right. I may have jumped to conclusions. Given the way a lot of press seems to run with this issue I made an assumption that it was being at the least cheeky, at the most salacious. However, I wasn’t worked up.

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