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Tobias Menzies plays Frank Randall.

What is the greatest challenge of playing this character?

Just being two different people. Being convincingly two different people, but using the same face to do it. You know that’s the challenge, the conundrum, what’s exciting about it. You know I was always very keen to not to make it based on some overt physicality like a limp … to make it the soul of the person looking out. How do you calibrate that? So really I had to do my homework, learned my lines, trust the story just anything, but hope there were some other qualities coming out. I feel, they do feel like two different men.

It’s a sexy show. Do you find that women react differently to you now?

Are you saying that women are throwing their knickers at me? Is that the question? … I live in London and the show hasn’t been playing in England. It has just came out. It just started playing now. So I could do anything in London and no one gives a damn.

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Caitriona Balfe plays Claire Randall.

What are some challenges your character faces in the second half of the season?

Well I think that one of the main things, up until this point, it was falling in love, it was the romance … But now they’re two people from two very different times, they have a different moral code, they have a different way of approaching things. And I think that that tension really comes into play. You know I feel that even though they might not be able to accept each other’s actions always, they really have to find a way to understand where each other is coming from and that way they can sort of rebuild a bridge to make their relationship stronger.

How does your character evolve?

Well I think Claire, she’s had such a singular focus in the first of half of the season … it started to get sidetracked a little bit towards the end of the season but now I feel that she really has to make a decision about whether she’s going to accept her fate or keep fighting and once she might accept her fate, then what does that mean? What does it mean to stay in this time and I think you’ll see a lot of changes happening for Claire.

I love that she take charge of things. Was that a great pull for you?

Well I never thought of her as just a feminist character, I thought of her as a timeless, strong woman and I think Claire would never think of herself as a feminist, even though I don’t have a problem with that terminology at all because I think it’s amazing that there’s this conversation about her, but I just think that she thinks of herself as an equal, and in fact, a lot of the time a superior. So I love that about her. It’s great.

Do you think Claire has any allies?

Yeah of course. I mean, first and foremost, there’s Jamie who’s her strongest ally, but as she goes along the highlanders, but it’s always a push and pull. With Geillis, there’s a little bit of a sense of “Is she an ally, is she not?” And that will really come to play which is really exciting stuff. I’m really excited for people to see those episodes. And also, maybe some of the the highland quieter ones might end up as being good allies in the end.

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser.

What’s coming up?

It gets more complicated, it gets darker, and they don’t always see eye to eye and I think ultimately, they have to come to some sort of conclusion and that’s the great part of any relationship and they learn from each other.

Did you learn about yourself playing this character?

Absolutely I think it’s exactly that. I am a young man who has had to grow up rather rapidly and face responsibilities and I think that’s exactly what Jamie does in the second part of the season.

Did anything surprise you?

I think I found out that I have a bit more stamina than I thought but also that maybe I’m not as strong as I thought I was. You know, sometimes I need to take my foot off the gas a little bit and maybe I’m getting old.

The love scenes are entertaining to watch. Are they getting easier for you?

Certainly not. I think there are more to come.

If Jamie was a time traveler, where would he go?

I think he would travel back to his father and whatever happened there, or his sister you know he feels a lot of responsibility a lot of guilt. So probably then I think. It’s certainly something that really marks him and scars him and something he has to deal with in the second season.

You also worked on a modern movie.

I have to say for a start the modern movie was delightful to go in and I was only ten minutes in makeup and ten minutes in costume, I didn’t have to sit through hours getting mud and grimed and all these kilts. So yes, it’s a lot easier and filming in Los Angeles, there’s the sun shining every day, it was very comfortable. “Outlander” was a lot more physical and a lot more tiring, but I really missed our family on the show.

Graham McTavish and Gary Lewis

Who do you think is your greatest ally?

My greatest ally and my greatest threat is Jamie and I would say a lot of the time is spent looking after his life and I spend a fair amount of time trying to have him killed, so it’s a very interesting sight. He has other allies though like Geillis is an ally for sure. Other threats for sure are Randall. It’s kind of like keeping your enemies close and that’s with Jamie for sure.

What can you tease about your characters?

Well there’s an interesting development in my relationship with a woman and an interesting development with my relationship with my brother. My relationship with my brother causes me problems … and I just wish he would stop it and work in the best interests of the clan. He does fulfill a very important role.


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