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From Marie Claire:

‘Outlander’ Star Caitriona Balfe on Playing TV’s Sexiest, Most In-Control Woman

Outlander‘s been dubbed a “bodice ripper,” but it’s really a show about a badass feminist heroine–and if there is any bodice ripping it’s on Claire’s terms. Do you think “bodice ripper” is a misnomer?

“I think that doesn’t justify the show. I think we bring so much more to it. Claire is a very sexual woman and she’s very in control of her sexuality and she doesn’t apologize for it. I think that’s something that’s great about her. I mean, we don’t very often get these female characters who are able to bring that to a show. Usually it’s more common to see the male protagonist, and they have as many women as they want or there’s something going on in the background as two people are having a conversation. But also, there is an element of sexual violence being used as a weapon in that time, and I think we can’t take away from the seriousness of that.”

Claire wrapped up the middle of the season being sexually assaulted by two different men in the course of one episode. How will she cope with that, and will the assault impact her sexual and emotional relationship with Jamie?

“I think that her emotional relationship with Jamie is sort of a safe haven for her, and it’s where she can go and really feel safe and heal. They’ve built this partnership. And it’s vice versa––I think he’s going to experience some really harrowing things this season and she’s going to be the one that’s going to be there for him. I think yes, these incidences, they do have an effect on her psyche. But that’s kind of the amazing thing, that you do see how resilient she is. It’s incredible how much one person can withstand, but she manages to forge forward.”

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  4. I had great hopes for this show. Claire is beautiful. The photography is breathtaking. The premise -falling through time into romance and adventure is intriguing. But the gender bending is a bit much. Sex is anatomy. Gender is attitude, behavior. Claire’s sex is female but her gender is male- she reduces her husband, she leads Scottish warriors as much chieftain as a Dougal. Her husband on the other hand constantly helpless, powerless, now in the last episode in need of rescue by his -er- wife occupies a space in the plot traditionally reserved for the damsel in distress.

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