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*SPOILER WARNING!!* *NEW* Interview with the Outlander Cast for Harpers Bazaar *SPOILER WARNING!!*   2 comments


If you haven’t read the books and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here! We’re posting the rest after the jump.


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*NEW* Interview with Ron D. Moore for Variety   1 comment

"Outlander" Mid-Season New York Premiere - After Party

From Variety:

Creator Ronald Moore Is ‘Very Curious to See How People React’ to ‘Outlander’ Return

From “Harry Potter” to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” there’s few things more valuable to the entertainment industry than a fiercely beloved book series. There’s also few things more daunting for a producer than the prospect of letting down the protective fans of a fiercely beloved book series, and “Outlander” fans have been obsessing about Claire Randall for more than two decades now.

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*VIDEO* and Interview with the Outlander Cast at NYC Premiere by RT Book Reviews   1 comment

Here’s great video made by RT Book Reviews:

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*NEW* Interview of Sam Heughan with Times Colonist   2 comments


From Times Colonist:

Heughan admits his initial reaction upon reading it was: “Wow, is this really something we’re going to have to do?”

“And then you look at it and you go, ‘Yes, it’s really important,'” he says.

“He’s a man of the time. That’s how he’s been brought up: He needs to teach her a lesson, she needs to learn a big lesson. She almost got people killed, she’s put everyone in danger and therefore it’s important that she learns a lesson.”

In the end, it turns into “a really positive moment,” adds Heughan, 34.

“Whether or not he wholly believes it’s the right thing to do, it’s what he has to do, it’s his duty as a man. And actually what it does is that there’s a big fallout from that moment and they learn a lot about each other and about their relationship and it actually moves them forward in their relationship.”

The series, which is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), debuted last August and ran for eight episodes before taking a break.

Scottish-born Heughan, who was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award in 2003 for his role in the play “Outlying Islands,” says he was drawn to “Outlander” because he liked that it had a strong female character and Moore at the helm.

“And then the opportunity to play a character like this, I’d jump at it,” he adds. “Swords and horses — brilliant.”

The show sticks closely to Gabaldon’s book series. Heughan says he read the first novel several times before shooting season 1 and then referenced it while filming.

He also works with a Scottish dialect coach and a Gaelic tutor.

Heughan is now reading the second book and preparing to shoot season 2 next month.

“I received the first two episodes for season 2, so I was speed-reading it just now on lunch break going, ‘Wow, what happens?'” he says with a big smile. “It was really exciting.”

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*NEW* Sam Heughan Interview with Flare   2 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with Flare


Diana Gabaldon’s historical drama series Outlander has sold more than 25 million copies, so casting was heavily scrutinized by the books’ fans, but 34-year-old Heughan of New Galloway, Scotland, won their approval. First up:Outlander boot camp. He received horseback-riding lessons, boned up on highland clan culture and learned Gaelic. “That’s Jamie’s first language, but he speaks many languages. He’s travelled a lot. He’s been in France, fighting; he’s lived outdoors,” Heughan says of the multi-faceted character that stokes such fan fervour. “He’s a very centred person, forward-thinking. He’s almost a modern man.”

Heughan enjoyed stepping into the kilt: “It’s an amazing piece of equipment—it’s not just for ceremony. It can keep you warm or be used as camouflage, a bed or a saddle for a horse.” All the costumes on the show are completely authentic, with no zippers or Velcro. Costume designer Terry Dresbach even used the traditional berries, herbs and foliage to dye the kilt’s tartan wool. “It’s been wonderful to rediscover my home country, to see the people and the history,” Heughan says. “To be able to bring that to the screen is fantastic.” Time-travelling nurses and all.

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*New* BTS Pic on the Set of Outlander with Grant O’Rourke and Finn Den Hertog   3 comments

Here is a new behind the scenes picture with Grant O’Rourke and Finn Den Hertog, who play Rupert and Willie in Outlander.


The Highlanders are ready. Are you? #OutlanderReturns in 2 days! #Outlander


*New* Still and Interview with Caitriona Balfe for Zap2It   3 comments


From Zap2It:

[…] So as the second half of the first season of “Outlander” opens Saturday (April 4), on Starz, the question remains: With whom — and where and when — does Claire want to be?

“Well, I think it was such an impulsive decision for her run and to flee,” Balfe tells  Zap2it. “I think everyone was (asking), ‘How could you leave Jamie? What were you thinking?’ But I think the pull and the ties to her own time and to everything that she knew is just sort of an instinctual pull. You know, she just saw her moment and I don’t think she thought about it so much, she just went because that was her sole concern for so long.

“And then once we pick up again in the second half of the season, so much has changed,” she continues. “Number one, I think her interaction with Black Jack and how dark that gets, I think it really unnerves her quite deeply. And then she realizes the impact that she would have had on Jamie’s life had she left, and I think that she really has to come to a decision within herself: Is she going to continue to try and keep running or is she going to make her peace with this situation and build a life for herself in this new time?”

“So I think you’re going to see,” Balfe says with a chuckle, “this decision come to fruition and that struggle for her.”

But whatever decision Claire makes, Balfe is confident she is battle tested and strong enough to face it.

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New Pictures of the Cast of Outlander from the Press Junket – April 2nd   2 comments


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New Pic of Caitriona Balfe from the NYC Premiere   1 comment


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NEW MQ Pics of the Outlander Cast at the Premiere in NYC   2 comments

Here are a few more great MQ pics of the Outlander Cast at the Premiere of Outlander in NYC. 


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