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From Zap2It:

[…] So as the second half of the first season of “Outlander” opens Saturday (April 4), on Starz, the question remains: With whom — and where and when — does Claire want to be?

“Well, I think it was such an impulsive decision for her run and to flee,” Balfe tells  Zap2it. “I think everyone was (asking), ‘How could you leave Jamie? What were you thinking?’ But I think the pull and the ties to her own time and to everything that she knew is just sort of an instinctual pull. You know, she just saw her moment and I don’t think she thought about it so much, she just went because that was her sole concern for so long.

“And then once we pick up again in the second half of the season, so much has changed,” she continues. “Number one, I think her interaction with Black Jack and how dark that gets, I think it really unnerves her quite deeply. And then she realizes the impact that she would have had on Jamie’s life had she left, and I think that she really has to come to a decision within herself: Is she going to continue to try and keep running or is she going to make her peace with this situation and build a life for herself in this new time?”

“So I think you’re going to see,” Balfe says with a chuckle, “this decision come to fruition and that struggle for her.”

But whatever decision Claire makes, Balfe is confident she is battle tested and strong enough to face it.

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  1. this is such a great story will such grand talent all around. i am so hooked. and the actors at least for this first year are being so gracious about the constant questions and time consuming places to be and promotions to be done.

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