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Q: What did you do to become Jamie Fraser?
A: Initially, I got a trainer. He was sent down to London and I spent five weeks lifting heavy things and eating lots and lots of food to pack on weight. . . . Eventually, we went to Scotland and had a boot camp where we did a lot of horse riding and sword fighting and all that sort of Boy’s Own stuff. We were also taking Gaelic lessons and researching Scottish history and clan culture.

Q: What did you bring of yourself into the role?
A: You’ve got to bring yourself to any character you do. In this case, our lives are actually quite parallel. He’s a young man who’s returning to his homeland; I was doing the same. . . . Later on, in the second part of the season, Jamie’s making a lot of decisions about who he wants to be as a man and where he wants to go in his life. Ultimately, those are questions that everyone has to ask themselves at some point.

Q: How involved is Diana Gabaldon in the day-to-day of the show?
A: Her presence is felt. She’ll regularly send me emails or messages on Twitter. I love the fact that she’s there for advice and guidance, but she’s not controlling. I regularly speak to her about my character and the show.

Q: Have you read Gabaldon’s books?
A: I read them as we’re filming. I’ve almost finished book two and we’ll probably go over it quite a few times as we’re shooting the second season. But I don’t want to read too far ahead. I don’t want to know the future — I want to discover it for myself.

Q: Do you feel proud to be working on a series that’s so quintessentially Scottish?
A: Absolutely. I’d been living away from Scotland for 14 years. While I’ve been back to do bits of theatre or TV, this is the first time I’ve been back for a long time. I’m rediscovering Scotland; I’m falling in love with it again. Learning more about its history and culture has been one of the joys of working on this show. I also do a lot of hill walking now, which has been a great way to reacquaint myself with the land.

Q: The show takes place during a Scottish uprising against English rule. You also supported Scotland’s recent push for independence. What was it like filming the show with this happening in the background?
A: I personally love the period the show takes place in — it’s a really interesting moment in history. It’s just amazing that Scotland is now . . . questioning itself about what kind of nation it wants to be and where its loyalties lie. It was an amazing moment in history to be there and to be filming something so similar.

Q: The show’s sex scenes are quite explicit. Have you done work like this before?
A: I have to varying degrees, mostly onstage, but it’s kind of different doing it on camera. It’s always a strange experience, but you’ve got to trust that the scenes are useful insofar as they move the characters forward and help develop their relationship. It can’t just be gratuitous.

Q: Do you get anxious when you shoot the show’s steamier scenes?
A: Absolutely. There’s a lot of Dutch courage going on there — you know, a strong nip of whiskey before we start. But honestly, Caitriona and I use all that energy and we’re there for each other.

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