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*NEW* Sam Heughan’s Facebook Q&A + NEW Pic   6 comments


Q: Hi Sam! Have you done any screen tests with possible Brees or Rogers?
Sam: Not yet but do know a few actors who are auditioning! Exciting times!

Q: Hi Sam, how did you mentally prepare for the Wentworth scenesQ:
Sam: Great writing and challenging stuff, hope you “enjoy”…

Q: Boxers or briefs? 😉
Sam: Neither

Q:  How do you feel about the gross comments you constantly end up with? A.k.a. the really graphic inappropriate ones from older women who should know better :s
Sam: Diana knows EXACTLY what shes saying. I love it.

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New Short Sam Heughan Interview with The TV Junkies   1 comment


From The TV Junkies

In the meantime, we asked him all about the amazing art that fans around the world have created.

Turns out, he’s seen some of your hard work.

“I have seen a lot of these random pictures and videos, it’s fantastic,” Heughan tells us. “There’s a sort of enthusiasm to create these things, and they create so much! Like they’ve created music videos and all kinds of things. It’s incredible. There’s all kinds of creativity out there.”

Of course, we had to ask him if anything in particular stood out.

“There’s a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ version that’s really good. I actually met the woman in Toronto, she was standing outside one of the studios we were filming at,” he reveals. “It’s very funny.”

Take a look for yourself:

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New Interview of Sam Heughan with Daily News   2 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam with the NY Daily News:

claire and jamie

Long makeup sessions leave Sam Heughan whipped in Starz’s ‘Outlander,’ co-starring Caitriona Balfe

Sam Heughan may be the only actor whose back requires more time in makeup than his face.

As Jamie Fraser in the Starz series “Outlander,” whose next eight episodes launch Saturday at 9 p.m., Heughan has a back that’s craggier than the Scottish countryside where the show is filmed.

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NEW Pics of Sam Heughan from the E! Interview   1 comment

Kristin Dos Santos tweeted this photo of Sam and herself:

and here’s one she posted on her Instagram:



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*Video* Preview of Episode 9 – The Reckoning   11 comments

Outlander Starz FB | Via

*NEW* Caitriona Balfe Interview with The Sun Herald   10 comments


‘Outlander’ star had to unlearn her modeling skills


PASADENA, Calif. – When Caitriona Balfe headed for L.A. to become an actress she’d already spent 10 years as an international high fashion model. She had left home at 18, answering an invitation to Paris to shimmy down the runway.

But her dream was to be an actress, and modeling proved an impediment. “You pick up a lot of bad habits in the modeling world in comparison to acting,” she says in a noisy restaurant here, the sound reverberating off the etched glass walls.

“Modeling is all about the ‘poised’ look, everything you do has to look a certain way. Whereas in acting you can’t care about what you look like. It’s all about what you feel or what your intention is, or what the other person’s intention is. You have to throw all that self-awareness out the window. I worked really hard and thank God it paid off.”

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*NEW* Sam Heughan Interview with Access Hollywood (PaleyFest)   3 comments

Outlander bit starts at 2:25, Sam’s Interview at 2:35


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New/Old Pictures of Caitriona Balfe   4 comments

Here are some pictures of Caitriona Balfe.


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*NEW* Picture of Sam Heughan   3 comments


Source | Via

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Facebook Live Q&A with Sam Heughan and ‘Special Treat’ – March 30th!   4 comments

Make sure you’re ready tomorrow at 12:30 PM PT, because Sam Heughan will be answering questions LIVE on facebook! AND they have a special treat in store for us as well…. CLICK HERE or the image to go the the facebook page. In case you don’t have facebook, we’ll post the Q&A’s as soon as possible for you.