*NEW* Outlander Clip From 1×09 – The Reckoning   15 comments

Here’s a new Outlander clip from 1×09 The Reckoning. 

For people outside the US 

Non-US video source: TheOutlanderBr 

15 responses to “*NEW* Outlander Clip From 1×09 – The Reckoning

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  4. Why didn’t he just tell her he loves Claire?

  5. I have another comment to add. Anyone notice the scratch along the lower left jawline of Jamie’s? Perhaps we’ll find out when it airs 04/04/2015 But, if anyone seen that SPOILER piece with Claire and Jamie going at it, she smacked him on his right. Unless some more struggles went on or it’s from after he rescued Claire. I noticed around his right eye it’s kind of red a bit from the slap. Perhaps.

    • In the book, Claire does scratch Jamie. I think she said, it was 3 long gouges during the spanking. She gave as good as she got.

    • Yes, you got good eyes! Did you also see the still shot when Claire’s got his dirk up against his throat? So there are apparently more changes to find from the book.

  6. As I recall from the book, there is a squirmish between Jamie at Claire when he attempts to ‘punish’ her and she scratches him on the face.

  7. Oh Laoghaire, the last time Jamie was at the castle, he was grabbing Claire’s hand to sit with her, listening to Gwyllyn the Bard in the hall.

  8. After reading all the books, I could pop in a few later “Laoghaire” spoilers…Not me…Nevah !!

  9. Jamie knew he loved Claire at that point…why not tell Laoghaire instead of stringing her along??

  10. BEYOND excited for the premier! We did a YouTube video about Jamie in it’s honor. You might be interested — https://youtu.be/u6VK6fx1458

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