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The reception is amazing,” Balfe says of the news. “I don’t think any of us expected it to become so instantaneous. We start filming season two next month.”

The Irish actress says that playing Claire is a joy she doesn’t take for granted.

“People really love Claire, I think a lot of people want to be her,” she says. “People want to know what it’s like to play her — I get asked that a lot.”

Ironically, Balfe says her ten years working as a high fashion model prepared her for a role which sees her stranded in the midst of a civil war being ordered around by burly rebel soldiers.

“I have a little experience of not having a voice,” she laughs. “I had so many experiences where I was travelling and feeling very displaced and having to very quickly survive and that has played into my ability to play Claire.”

“I was very happy to be modelling but there was a lot of that time I felt I didn’t have a voice and was treated like a girl, not as a woman. It can feel very frustrating so I definitely recognise that feeling.”


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