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I (Erin) and a friend of the site, Alicia, will be on the red carpet asking questions at the NYC Outlander Premiere this Wednesday, April 1st. Comment below with a question you want us to ask! We’ll also be giving out swag (posters and bookmarks) that you can get signed. Bring a black or silver Sharpie with you!

34 responses to “We’ll Be at the NYC Outlander Premiere – Got Any Questions?

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  1. In a recent blog Anna Foerster described how in Episode 7 she was able to get the bemused expression she wanted on Jamie’s face by having Cait change a scripted line from “It’s getting late, perhaps we should go to bed” to “get over here and let’s **!”. How did it feel to be surprised like that?

  2. Can I ask even if I won’t be there? If so…..to Sam…. “How has learning Gaelic changed your perception of Scotland and will you continue with the language for yourself away from the series?

  3. What was the best advice they were given when the fandom went crazy over Outlander? And who was it from?

  4. Tobias, did you draw the pencil sketch of Claire? Or was it the magic of film?

  5. Will they be filming any of the Fraser Ridge series in North Carolina?. We would be glad to have all the staff and crew. We have great mt.

  6. Are we going to learn what is the special significance of the key that Jamie had made into Claire’s wedding ring? Is it a key to Lallybroch maybe, or just the key to his heart?

  7. I would like to know what scene Sam performed for his audition for the role of Jamie.l

  8. Question Afro Cairiona BaLfe:
    If you hadn’t been successful as an actress, What was ‘Plan B? If not acting, what would you be doing now? Alternate career path?

  9. We saw “No room for lies but room for secrets” in an extended scene, will we see it repeated anywhere in the next 8 episodes since it is an underlying theme for all the books and Claire and Jamie?

    • Yeah, that is an important inclusion to J&C’s relationship. I agree. I’m surprised Diana let that one go, unless it’s been reinserted someplace else.

  10. What is the site we shouldn’t miss if we visit Scotland? What do you like to do in New York?

  11. If you were unable to get tickets to the premier is it possible to get extra swags for those of us that won’t be there?

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  12. This is for Sam. A spoiler alert for one of the later book (TFC) sees Jamie do a Scottish sword dance – Is Sam game to attempt this, or does he hope they exclude that from the script 🙂

  13. Question for Sam: When you accepted this role, were you expecting there would be so much nudity? Also, now that you have to deal with all the nudity, are you more self-conscious of your physique and appearance?

  14. Question for Sam: have you been to Australia or would you like to come if you haven’t, you know there are a lot of fans down under, not sure if you realise this, would love for a fan event of some sort to take place

  15. I wanted to ask Sam if he will have a Latin coach on set to teach him some correct pronunciation since in the books Jamie is a Latin aficionado of some sort ahahhaha

  16. How did you come to choose the charitable organizations that you support? There are so many causes and charitable organizations doing wonderful and important work. With your growing fame and fan base, do you plan to continue your support of your sole current chosen charity or will you expand to others as well?

  17. In any of the darker scenes in the second half of the season, did you have to stop to collect yourselves because the scenes were so emotionally charged?

  18. Sam, your parents are musicians, do you play an instrument and if so what song do you like to play the most?

  19. for Cait – secrets for looking so fresh with all the traveling, jet lag

  20. For Ron – Have you had an ideas or a script detours that you really wanted to make that were ultimately shot down by the powers that be, aka Diana, Terry, and Maril? And what are you most looking forward to shooting in Season 2?

  21. Question for Ron; Can you tell us how long you think it will take to shoot DIA and when we can expect to see it aired? Thank you!

  22. What will be your biggest challenge during shooting for Season 2?

  23. Il cast di Outlander verrà mai in Italia? 😊

  24. For the season 2 is there some part play in France, in Versailles ?

  25. Where will you be located on the red carpet? I would like to stop by after work. Sadly jealous.

  26. Book Claire sings & tells fortunes while she & Murtagh go in search of Jamie after he’s taken by the Watch. Will we be seeing Cait sing & if so, did she do her own singing or did somebody else’s singing get dubbed?

  27. Can you please ask if they know in which countries they will be shooting Season 2?

  28. For Sam – What is your favorite Sci-Fi book of all time?

  29. Will they promise to stay with the series for all 9 books?

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