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Q: Hi Sam! Have you done any screen tests with possible Brees or Rogers?
Sam: Not yet but do know a few actors who are auditioning! Exciting times!

Q: Hi Sam, how did you mentally prepare for the Wentworth scenesQ:
Sam: Great writing and challenging stuff, hope you “enjoy”…

Q: Boxers or briefs? 😉
Sam: Neither

Q:  How do you feel about the gross comments you constantly end up with? A.k.a. the really graphic inappropriate ones from older women who should know better :s
Sam: Diana knows EXACTLY what shes saying. I love it.

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Q: Hello from Indiana! Where do YOU call home Mr. Heughan?
Sam Scotland beginning to feel alot like home

Q: Sam, first of all I you and your portrayal of Jamie. I am looking forward to Season 2.
Do you speak French or are you having to learn it for Dragonfly in Amber? Es to prest?
Sam: I failed my french exam! Yes, in lessons as we speak..

Q: Have you read book 2 (Dragonfly in Amber) yet?
Sam: Better question would be how MANY times?! Yes!

Q: What’s your middle name? You told that’s bad, but you haven’t told what is it! May I ask?
Sam: named after a famous 1980’s puppet rat….???

Q: Admit it, you were the mystery Highlander from episode 1.
Sam: you’ll have to read the latest book!

Q: Sam, are you planning any more charitable events involving endurance activities!! I am doing my first Ironman and would love to raise money to donate in your charities name!
Sam: watch this space, several in the pipeline

Q: Wondering about the scar on right cheekbone . . . sword fighting?
chopping wood

Q: Hello Sam, Who was your favorite actor while you were growing up.
Sam: Alot of Theatre actors in Edinburgh. Inspired me to work on stage

Q: Hi Sam! What has been the most challenging scene to film for the upcoming episodes? And thanks for being with us today!
Sam: you’ll see in the last few episodes

Q: What are you looking forward to most in filming season 2? (and thank you for the pub recommendation in Glasgow last November – had a great time on Ashton Lane!
Sam: love pubs on Ashton Lane!

Q: Hi Sam…… Since you’ve already been Batman and worked with Roger Moore, would you ever like to play James Bond?
Sam: Next James Bond should be a Scot…!

Q: Hey Sam – have you ‘bagged’ any 14ers during your time off?
Sam: I’m hoping to travel to Denver and bag at least one… – Sam

Q: Did you, or any of the cast members, have any costume/wardrobe challenges for the upcoming series?
Sam: Parisien Court will be fabulous, Terry is a genius so I imagine the costumes will be terrific.

Q: How do you feel about the gross comments you constantly end up with? A.k.a. the really graphic inappropriate ones from older women who should know better (Edit: Ladies! It’s a joke, please take it as one!)
Sam: Diana knows EXACTLY what shes saying. I love it. – Sam

Q: Although you are a perfect Jamie Fraser, which Outlander character would you most like to perform if you didn’t have the role of Jamie Fraser? And why? Thanks for sharing your talent.
Sam: Black Jack. What a great character.. Dark.

Q: Can I scratch your scruff?
Sam: long as I can stroke your scruff

Q: Q:Coffee or tea?
Sam: Coffeee!!!!!

Q: Hi Sam! While you and Caitrona were shooting hot scenes have you ever felt really excited? Have you ever tried to flirt with she? Kisses from Italy 😙
Sam: it’s all there on screen… –

Q: WILL YOU MARRY ME!!??? (p.s. don’t tell my husband…)
Sam: YES to all

Q: Sam, where in Scotland is your favourite place to visit?
Sam: Isle of Skye, as in opening music.

Do you like to fly? Have you thought about borrowing the #BatPlane?
Sam: airmiles are adding up. I love to travel

Q: So Outlander will make it to the storyline in America? If that is correct, will filming be in U.S.?
Sam: Let’s hope so!

Q: Can’t wait to see you at the NYC premier. Thanks for bringing our beloved Jamie to life. Great job to the entire cast!!?
Sam: See you there!

Q: Sam, I am old enough to be your mum but my heart speeds up when I watch you. Great job filling Jamie’s big shoes!
Sam: Mm thank you!

Q: This photo came out a few days ago on Twitter, nearly killed our curiosity about what’s under the kilt Jamie. Does this picture is a scene in Lallybroch … (Spoiler Photo, we won’t post)
Sam: Watch and find out…

Q: What was it about the part of Jamie Fraser that made you want to audition for the part? If you hadn’t gotten the part of Jamie, would you have tried for one of the other highlanders? Or even one of the red-coats?
Sam: Would love to play a redcoat. Great costume

Q: Why did they change Jamie’s Fraser Tartan? I was skeptical that anyone could pull off Jamie onscreen, but you have managed it.
Sam: Jamie changes his Mackenzie tartan (whilst in hiding) to his Fraser family tartan.

Q: Was a trauma to cut across that beautiful beard?  P.S I love Sam bearded
Sam: Me too! Beards rock!

Q: Sam, do you sometimes feel it is hard to live up to the role of Jamie and do you feel you are ready for the instant fame you are about to embark on?
Sam: What a great character. Yes, I’m not Jamie.

Q: Hi Sam. What is your favorite Whisky?
Sam: Tasted 4 this morning before 10.30am… ALL of them!

Hi Sam. What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles? or Do you cook? And if so what is your speciality dish?
Sam: Love LA brunch (eggs and coffee and juice!) food heaven

Q: Are you single?
Sam: Maybe

Sam: Hey guys, thanks for all the questions!! Wow, sorry didn’t have time to answer more. (Whisky this morning certainly helped) Thank you all and enjoy second half of season!x

Sam answered some more questions on his FB:

Q: Dinner with Billy Connolly or Sean Connery?? X
Sam: The Big Yin or The Big Man…? Both legends

Q: Any plans to visit new zealand in the future?
Sam: When’s the invite?

Q: Hi Sam, I’m the UK & have just had the pleasure of watching the first 8 episodes of Outlander. When I watched the whipping scene it brought me to tears. When you up watched the full edited episode back were you moved by it? Loving Outlander btw, you are all fabulous
Sam: Wait until end of season…

Q: Which role is more strenuous Batman or Jamie!
Sam: Physically Batman!

Q: Come on Sam..give a girl a break her. I have a flat..sittin on the grass eatin a sandwich…chilling to get a questioned answered. ARE YOU TIRED?
Sam: Yes. Rather jet lagged…!

Q: How far into the books are you going to go? The whole series?
Sam: How far you want us to go?

Q: What part of Scotland do you hail from? Is Jamie’s accent similar to yours when you are home? Did your parents or grandparents speak any Galdig?
Sam: I’m from south west. No, Jamie’s accent is highland, my family don’t speak any gaelic

Q: Hi. My question is: are you engaged / i love?
Sam: Not yet…

Q: What part of Scotland do you hail from? Is Jamie’s accent similar to yours when you are home? Did your parents or grandparents speak any Galdig?
Sam: I’m from south west. No, Jamie’s accent is highland, my family don’t speak any gaelic

Q: Greetings! I was just pondering, have you had the chance to read the Outlander series?
Sam: Of course!

Q: are you afraid about wenthworth and fans reactions ?
Sam: No, I’m really proud of it

Q: When does the next series start x
Sam: We start shooting in May…

Q: What’s your favorite part about making the show??
Sam: The locations and discovering scotland. Plus the great cast and crew

Q: Hi Sam, what other movies will you be working on when you are not work on Outlander. And a big thank you for making Jamie come to life. I was lucky enough to actually watch the first series and just finished book 1 so I only have you, Caitriona and the others as characters
Sam: Just wrapped Indy movie When The Starlight Ends..

Q: Hi Sam, My question is actually about Donas! He is a breathtakingly beautiful horse! Was just curious about his background, his real name, where he came from. You both seem to have a great relationship!
Sam: Love him. So calm and intelligent

Q: what activity do you do just to “unwind” from the day, your zen place if you will?
Sam: Climbing/hiking in scotland. Beach in LA

Q: It must be so physically demanding playing Jamie. We see you working out for the role of Jamie but also working out for your marathons. Is this healthy for you or do you have many trainers to help you with your roles or marathons?
Sam: Fight Camp Glasgow help me during filming. Awesome team

Q: Hi Sam…with your crazy schedule when do you find time to work out/train for a marathon??
Sam: It’s hard but I love it so make time

Q: If you weren’t an actor, what would you be doing?
Sam: Athlete? Chef?

Q: How long are you contracted to do outlander?
Sam: 7 years

Here are the screencaps we took from the entire Q&A on the Outlander page:

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.12.52 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.13.05 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.13.18 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.13.29 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.13.48 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.14.01


And here are screencaps from Sam’s personal page where he answered some more questions:

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.32.10 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.31.59 Schermafbeelding 2015-03-30 om 22.31.41

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  2. There was no way Sam could answer all those questions at the Outlander page. I found many inquiries quite fascinating! Even if he can’t answer them, I hope he gets a chance to read them. Some of them are pretty funny. Good luck in New York on Wednesday!

  3. Thank you so much Sam for answering all our questions. It was very kind of you to do so. We are all great fans of the series and Diana’s books. Thank you and all the crew for bringing Outlander to life MORE than before!

  4. Although my daughter has never heard of the Outlander books or watched any part of the series, she does live in Boulder, Colorado and is an avid hiker, has done a few 14Ks. I’m sure she would be happy to show Sam around that area and hike with him…plus it would make her mama very happy.

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  6. hello first off wanted to say what a wonderful actor you are. I have become so dedicated to outlander. Praying season two is the great so excited I can hardly wait for it. Plus I bet you get told this all the time your a very handsome man and I love how you act as Jamie keep up the great work

    Audrey m peacock

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