Video of Sam Heughan with Fans Outside The Morning Show in Toronto   4 comments

Here is a video with Sam Heughan and fans outside The Morning Show in Toronto today.

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4 responses to “Video of Sam Heughan with Fans Outside The Morning Show in Toronto

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  1. the vibe I keep getting is he is just loving all this star stuff and not in a jerky way but in a cool appreciative like a kid in a candy store way and it is just adorable..he may as time goes on be searching for private time and find it annoying a bit, but for now as he enjoys it we get to also enjoy his earnest smiles and happy dance walk.

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  4. Sam seems to be sincerely enjoying the press interviews (answering repetitive questions) and the
    outpouring of fan adoration. . Don’t allow the trappings of fame to spoil you.
    A dear, generous man…the epitome of patience. Hopefully he has a
    special place he can go to just touch base with his inner self, meditate and recharge his batteries.
    Stay as sweet as you are Sam. So happy you made it to Canada,

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