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From The Sun:

The 34-year-old was a barman pulling pints in a Glasgow joint when he was drafted in to hold the drinks every time the Hollywood actor went outside for a fag.

And Sam claims the big shot never once acknowledged him for his lowly, embarrassing odd job.

But the hunk is now an A-lister in his own right.

Sam — who plays Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the blockbuster TV series, which finally arrives in the UK this week — said he’s reminded the actor of their previous encounter when they met recently.

He said: “I won’t say who the actor is but I know him now.

“It was a gig that night. I’d been serving and then this job came along — to stand at the door holding his drink while he went for a cigarette. He would just come back in and take it without recognising me. It felt weird just standing there.

“It’s funny now looking back on it and I’ve told him about it.”

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The Scottish Sun spoke to Sam as he prepared for £50million fantasy epic Outlander’s UK premiere in London last night.

The actor, from New Galloway, Dumfriesshire, spent the afternoon speaking to the world’s media in a room in the city’s plush Soho Hotel. There’s no mistaking his star status now. He’s gone from a bit-part actor in River City to a leading man in a global hit, snapped up in Britain by Amazon Prime Instant Video — with his own army of crazy fans called the Heughligans.

Sam said: “I suppose it is judgment day for us. It’s a bit scary but exciting at the same time.

“I hope it goes down as well as it has across the world.”

The screen hunk played footballer Andrew Murray in BBC soap River City in 2005. And a decade later he reckons Montego Street fame prepared him for the big time.

Sam said: “River City has its own fan base and I had a great time on it. It was a learning curve for me.

“I remember walking down the street and this guy hung his head out of his car and shouted, ‘W***er!’ At least in Scotland they tell it like it is. I’m prepared for people at home to let me know exactly what they think of the show.”

Outlander is based on author Diana Gabaldon’s books and is mostly shot in a warehouse in Cumbernauld. It is undoubtedly his biggest role yet.

Sam, who turns 35 next month, has ambitions of making it in movies. His next project is When The Starlight Ends, an indie flick with Scream star David Arquette. Sam said:“Outlander has definitely opened a lot of doors. For instance, the film I’ve just done was pretty much financed because of Outlander.

“Hopefully that will continue.”

But his career won’t be complete until he and co-star Caitriona Balfe, who plays nurse Claire Randall, appear on chat show host Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ segment.

That is when stars face up to insulting social- media comments about themselves. Sam joked: “I hope it happens one day. Apparently I pluck my eyebrows too much.

“That’s what someone on Twitter said. I found it quite amusing. I’ve never once plucked my eyebrows.

“I guess I’ve got very feminine eyebrows.”

I hoped Scots would get gig

SAM admits he questioned the decision by TV bosses to hold Outlander’s premiere in London — despite it being shot north of the border.

Amazon put on glitzy bash in the English capital at Shoreditch’s White Rabbit.

A bagpiper greeted Sam and his gorgeous co-star Caitriona Balfe as they graced the red carpet alongside show supremo Ron Moore.

Inside kilt-wearing waiters served whisky and Scots beer BrewDog to the guests who included Press, telly executives and Outlander fans.

On the choice of location for the premiere, Sam said: “I asked questions about it myself as a proud Scotsman but I think it was down to everybody’s schedules.

“I would love to have seen something happen at home.

“I believe they might be looking at doing something in Scotland for the second series. As long as they want us.”

Sam and his co-stars were also helpless over the show’s controversial UK blackout last year. Fans here cracked up when the rights to the drama were sold to 87 countries but not Britain. But last month Amazon announced it was to screen Outlander on its streaming service.

Last night Irish actress Caitriona, 35, said: “It’s crazy that it’s finally here. I’m really lucky that it’s been shown in Ireland and all my friends and family have seen it.

“It’s set in Scotland and it’s about Scotland so it seemed strange that people couldn’t see it.”

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  3. I was surprised how STARZ & SONY handled Outlander Premier. I would have thought they would have had a larger promotion in Scotland. Sam as usual being gracious saying it came down to schedules. Curious tactics on the part of STAZ promotion division. But they’ve missed on things before. They went for the bigger market having premier in London…period.

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