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From The Scotsman

Outlander stars glad Scots fans can now watch the show


Outlander is based on the best-selling novels of American author Diana Gabaldon and has been made by entertainment giants Sony and American cable channel Starz. Although it premiered in the US in August, a deal to allow it to be shown in the UK was only recently agreed. It will finally make its debut on Amazon’s streaming service this Thursday.

Heughan joked: “I’ve actually been making a fortune in illegal copies of the show before now!

“It feels really important and I am so pleased that the show is finally going to be aired in Scotland.

“It feels wonderful that things are going in the right direction now and it’s great that people will be able to watch the show on any device.”

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“It really showcases Scotland so well, especially all the location and the people who have worked so hard on set to make Outlander. We went to some terrific places and parts of Scotland that I didn’t even know existed.”

Balfe added: “We started filming a year and a half ago, so it seems like a very long time since we started on it and so much has happened in the meantime.

“It was such a shame that they were so far behind, but at least now people can get to see the first episodes in bulk and then catch up with the rest of the world and see the show along with everyone else.”


Heughan added: “Scotland hasn’t had a dedicated film studio and yet they’ve managed to create one here for the show.

“There are now four sound stages and there are whole teams of people working on the show, building the sets and weaponry, there are hundreds of costumes and it feels really industrious. It feels really exciting that we have brought this to Scotland.

“I don’t really know the politics of it, but it feels like there maybe hasn’t been the support there in the past or a vision for it, but we’ve managed to do that now and hopefully Outlander will be there for a long time to come.

“There are now incentives for people to come and film in Scotland, but we just need more productions here. At the moment, we’ve got a wonderful show which looks absolutely fantastic, but we could do with others as well.

“We’d absolutely love to keep doing Outlander. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to do something for that period of time. The characters and their relationships are always changing.”

Balfe added: “I think we would both feel very fortunate if it kept going.

“Diana has already written eight books and is now working on her ninth.

“We’re lucky that Starz is really behind the show and hopefully if the second series goes well we will get a third one.”

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  2. Delighted my British family and friends will finally be enjoying Outlander. Great news !!

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  4. They really need to do the whole life of Jamie and Claire. And the clans and the wars to come. They need to run all the books to the “The End” love the books and their lives.

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