31 *NEW* HQ Stills From the Second Part of Outlander Season 1   8 comments

Here are 31 new HQ stills from the second part of the first season of Outlander. 


More after the jump! 


Source: Far, Far Away 

8 responses to “31 *NEW* HQ Stills From the Second Part of Outlander Season 1

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  1. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

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  2. The buffet is open!!! Let’s eat!!!

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  3. Aye, the ‘visions’ are most welcome!

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  4. thanks for posting these. I am sure like most of the Outlander fans that as we look at these pix we are putting them in our head where they are in the story we all love. so excited for the next episodes then the real drought begins again.

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  5. These stills are amazing! Love!!

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  6. I both am anxiously awaiting the return of “Outlander”, and yet I also am in fear of watching the books I have read so far. I am in Book No.3. It is going to be very difficult actually watching Jamie endure what is coming up. I had not even an inkling of how the Scottish Highlanders were abused after the rebellion! Now that am aware of this fact, I have a great hatred for the red coats! Long live Scotland the Brave!

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  8. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.


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