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New interview of Tobias Menzies with ‘The List’   7 comments

Here’s a new interview of Tobias Menzies with The List


From The List

Outlander is the latest TV blockbuster in waiting. It’s a time travelling historical romance set across 200 years after our heroine, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), finds herself thrown back through time from 1945 to the Scottish Highlands in 1743. It’s already a huge hit in the States but is only just coming to the UK on Amazon Prime. British actor Tobias Menzies – who plays Claire’s husband Frank Randall in the 1940s and his ancestor, the villainous ‘Black Jack Randall’ in the 18th century – tells us more.

What is Outlander all about?

It’s a 16 part series based on a set of books written by Diana Gabaldon. The books start in 1945 just after the end of the Second World War and a couple who have been separated by the war go to Scotland to renew their marriage. Then one evening our heroine, Claire, goes to these standing stones and through the magic of the stones is transported 200 years through time back to Jacobite Scotland. Most of the series is her adventures in Jacobite Scotland trying to get back to her own time. That’s a broad overview; it’s a historical adventure, historical romance with a bit of time travel at the beginning. So in terms of genre it’s a bit of a mongrel. The books have had a huge following for some 20 years and have sold a lot of copies. The response in the US has been really good and generally the fans have been very excited by what we’ve made.

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