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Finally! Good news for the folks in the UK. Outlander will be available through Amazon. 

From The Herald:

The TV series Outlander, shot in Scotland, will be appearing in the UK on Amazon’s video service later this year.

The £50m US show, filmed in locations around Scotland and based at a studio in Cumbernauld, will be shown on the Amazon Prime Instant Video service.

Based on the best selling novels by Diana Gabaldon, fans of the time travelling romantic drama have for months been seeking information on how to view the series, made for the Starz network in the US, in the UK.

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The Amazon service is a streaming service, payable by subscription, and comes pre-loaded on Amazon’s Fire tablet systems.

Online last night, fans of the series expressed disappointment that it would not be shown on a terrestrial or more popular channel.

The co-producers of the show, Sony Pictures Television, had been in talks with television stations around the world, but have now finally secured a system which can be accessed in the UK.

Sony declined to comment on the reports last night but a source close to the production confirmed the deal had been done with Amazon.

The series has been shot in Scotland with support from Creative Scotland.

It is understood by The Herald that the series will appear on the Amazon service in the spring.


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5 responses to “Outlander Will Be Available in the UK Through Amazon

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  1. And if you haven’t got Amazon Prime, what then? Really pissed off that we in the UK have got the bum deal yet again! 🙁

  2. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  3. Does anyone know how much Amazon Prime is? I heard it’s like £72 a year! Any chance we will be able to get DVD? At the moment can’t get DVDS for Outlander in England either 😢

  4. This is such a timeless love story that the whole world will love it!

  5. Ana, I think Prime is £79 per year, but they do run special offers from time to time.

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