*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan From When The Starling Ends   7 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan from When the Starlight Ends. 



Posted February 26, 2015 by justfp in Sam Heughan

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7 responses to “*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan From When The Starling Ends

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  1. so handsome


  2. Busy, busy man…. Can’t wait to see him in this!


  3. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.


  4. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.


  5. So handsome. Such a great actor. I hope we see a lot of him in the future and that he has a very successful career!!


  6. Just stay healthy, Mr. Heughan. Do not work too hard and wear yourself down. You are a true treasure and we want you around for a long time to come. You bring so much joy to so many people. You have brought much happiness to an old lady who is old enough to be your grandmother. God bless ye!


  7. Sam is more handsome now than he was here. As he gets older he is becoming more n more irresistibly handsome. Wowz


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