*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan on the Set of Where the Starlight Ends   9 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan on the set of Where the Starlight Ends. 



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9 responses to “*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan on the Set of Where the Starlight Ends

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  1. I love sam from outlander, but this picture isn’t very flattering for him.

  2. Love the longer beard! Fits the author character, too.

  3. i love him best with no beard or a thin stubble. This photo does not do him justice.
    I thought they are filming for 2nd season OUTLANDER in Scotland. Hard to keep up with them.

  4. I am so excited the 2 leads are getting to do some new stuff!
    How can they not, they are both so talented… Can’t wait to see Where th starlight ends…. Just as long they keep us gobsmacked in the Outlander!

  5. I believe Sam is filming a new movie right now and these are more then likely pictures from the set. He is playing a down and out depressed man! it is a dark comedy.

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  7. No Scot here. It’s California Sam! By far, cutest man on earth.

  8. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  9. It’s a job!! He cleans up pretty well as we all know

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