*Video* Ron D. Moore and Tobias Menzies Deconstruct the Flogging Scene   3 comments

Here’s a video that Ron D. Moore and Tobias Menzies did with TV Guide, where they deconstruct the flogging scene. 

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3 responses to “*Video* Ron D. Moore and Tobias Menzies Deconstruct the Flogging Scene

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  2. This series is so brilliantly done that I begin to get very anxious when I know Black Jack Randall is going to be in the episode. I am both anticipating, but at the same time dreading the next 8 episodes. I have just finished the first book and I know what is to come. I am truly frightened to “see it” because I “read it” and know what to expect. My deepest respect is given to Ron Moore and the actors in this production! I am 67 years of age and it takes quite a bit to impress this older lady from the South. Mrs. Gabaldon and Mr. Moore have given me a gift that I am truly in awe of each week! THANK YOU & MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU ARE HAVE A PART IN BRINGING THIS TO A VIEWING AUDIENCE!

  3. This episode always makes me cry but it was brilliantly done. Tobias is so endearing as Frank and so completely depraved and wicked as Black Jack…keeps us on the edge of our seats!

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