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Here’s Sam Heughan’s Interview with The Nerd Report. We’ve kept all the parts pertaining to Outlander. You can read the full interview at the source. 

Nerd Report: What’s something about Caitriona you wish everybody knew?

Sam Heughan: I just wish they all knew how generous she is. She’s very funny, very heartfelt, everything she does, and she’s very intelligent and very fun. And she’s a total giggler. It’s got to the point now that I can give her a look and she’s gone. It’s kind of fun to play with that.

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Nerd Report: Do any funny things happen on the set that make you all laugh?

Sam Heughan: Yeah, all the time. There’s people in kilts and corsets and we’re in the middle of nowhere in Scotland and there are horses. There’s always something going wrong, but everyone likes a good laugh.

Nerd Report: Did you freak out when you read Wentworth?

Sam Heughan: I was excited about the challenge, and I think I’m really excited about how it looks. And I think people watching it are going to be shocked actually.

Nerd Report: How often do you have to redye your hair?

Sam Heughan: Once a month.

Nerd Report: Are you still doing a lot of your own stunts?

Sam Heughan: Yeah, I’m doing them all, yes, yes. I really enjoy it. In episode 10 you may have seen, there’s a duel. I actually had injured myself on that the day before but I was determined to film that. I kind of used it as well. He gets injured in that duel, so it was really a bit foolish but I love all that side of it, and the horse riding as well.

Nerd Report: Have you read Dragonfly in Amber yet and what are your favorite parts?

Sam Heughan: Yeah, I started last year but I restarted again and I’m almost finished. I’m just really excited because where we leave the season, the end of season one is basically telling everything that happens in season two. I think Claire and Jamie are both in two very difficult places. If you’ve read the books, it’s not a spoiler, she’s pregnant and he has had this terrible thing happen to him. He’s been broken and their relationship has been tainted so they’re both in two separate worlds. Yet they’re married and they love each other but yet it’s not black and white. It’s very gray.

Nerd Report: Did you have any idea what would happen when you took this role?

Sam Heughan: No, I was pretty naive. I mean, this is wonderful. It’s really good fun and it’s nice to be in Scotland. We’re kind of out of all the bandwagon, so it’s really great. We can just put our heads down and work and it’s lovely to come here and get some sort of reception. I’m glad it’s been received really well.

Q: How has playing Jamie changed your life?

Sam Heughan: Just learning about the stamina to do this job is always surprising. You know, you know the kind of rough arc of the character and where we’re going to go, and we’ve obviously read the books. But until you’ve actually lived that moment and discovered what that moment is, you never quite know fully what the character is. And then, you bring yourself to the part, so it all reflects back into your personal life as well. I think in the second part of the season, you discover a lot more about Jamie. He’s kind of finding his place in the world. He’s got new responsibilities. He’s got to deal with relationships that he would rather not deal with with his sister, with his personal relationship with his dead father. And we start to see the stubborn side or his pride. So he’s less of the sort of idealistic man in the second part of the season, and we start seeing his failings or the chinks in the armor. I guess all that stuff with relationships, he’s very honorable and he learns a lot. I guess I’ve just myself just been trying to do that in my relationships in real life. And so far, it’s working really well.

Q: Talk about the makeup appliance on your back?

Sam Heughan: Yes. You’re alluding to the scarring I’ve got which is a prosthetic scarring. And it’s remarkable. It really is. We get it made in London. We have, like, a full body cast. Then, on our shooting day, it probably takes about two hours maybe, an hour and a half. It did take upward of about three hours. We’ve got a fantastic makeup team, and they have got it down pretty quickly. And it does, it moves with the body. It is we do spend a lot of time rolling around on the floor, don’t we, Caitriona? So it does get a little damaged, but so far, it’s held up well. I think they’ve done a really fantastic job. And in the second part of the show, Jamie goes through quite a lot of injuries, especially the last couple of episodes. We have almost full body prosthetics. It’s pretty crazy. And I think it’s going to look remarkable and be pretty shocking as well.

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