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Here’s part of Ron D. Moore’s interview with Zap2It. It contains spoilers for season 2, so if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read further.

From Zap2It

Asked if his plans are to follow the structure of “Dragonfly in Amber” as he has with “Outlander,” Moore replies, “To an extent. We are playing around with the structure of it, the surprise of it. And we have some ideas for some twists that we think would surprise even the readers of the books.”

(Spoilers for non-readers below.)

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“It is interesting, when you open the second book, and you’re like, ‘Wait a minute, did I miss something?'” Moore says. “Which is great on one level, because any time you can surprise an audience, that’s gold. They get used to knowing what’s going to happen next. So, I want to preserve that, but I think there’s way to tinker with it, and play around with it so it’s not quite as jarring, so you don’t feel like you’ve clicked into the wrong show.”

As for casting, Moore reiterates there are no plans to cast an older Claire. Star Caitriona Balfe will definitely be getting some makeup work done.

But what about the other two big leads in Season 2, Brianna and Roger? Moore says they have “started the casting process,” but no one has been selected.

As for the look of Brianna, and trying to match an actress to Balfe, Moore says they want someone who looks close to Sam Heughan and Balfe, “as much as they can,” but that embodying the character is more important. “You can’t get too tied into [appearance] as an idea. You don’t want her to look so radically different that there’s no way, but it has to be within the bounds,” he says. “You’re looking for a good actress because she’s so important going forward.

“But yes, ideally, you want her to be tall, you want to see Jamie and Claire in her, but that’s a lower priority for me than that she feels like Brianna.”

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  3. Young Actress (sorry I can’t remeber her name who plays Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) daughter on the show of the same name.

  4. the actress with red hair (BILL WAS HER MAKER) True Blood ==== would be a perfect fit for the Brianna role. She’s tall, shapely, has big blue eyes and could pass for Jaimies daughter Brianna and she looks good even without too much makeup. Secondly, Mr.Moore has stated that he’s going to “play around’ the second series a bit and make some changes that might “confuse” the fans of these books. I for one read all of them and I hope he doesn’t get too carried away or Outlander will be short lived. First of all, this is supposed to be a love story between jaimie and Clai r and their devotion and enduring love
    to each other through their lifetime.Start pushing tkem to the side and clogging up this possibly great series with a lot of political hubbub and miscellaneous characters is going to smother the heat this has started to generate with the public.JUST KEEP THEm OUT FRONT . .i’LL TELL YOU i HAD A DIFFICULT TIME GETTING THRU THE FIERY CROSS BECAUSE OF ALL THE STREAM OF CHARACTER S AND HER MEDICAL ‘SURGERIES’, It got to be so much that I had to put the book down foe a while, it wasn’t the best read.Waiting until April 4th. Please don’t disappoint.

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