*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan   10 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan. 

Sam Heughan


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10 responses to “*NEW* Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Good to see Sam enjoying and relaxing with his buds…All work and no play…etc., etc !!

  2. Well we’re finayou in the same year out the next OutlAnder SeriesLonger hair isoozing great..You also look tired.Rest up…God Bless & Happy New Year..

  3. so handsome

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  5. He does look tired!

  6. Sam has put so much work into his Peak Challenge …. perhaps he is a bit tired, but that is certainly a good kind of tired after such an accomplishment and trying to get people involved to fight blood cancer. He has his own fight to stand up for …just like Jamie had his fight for Scotland. Sam is brilliant and the world is better for him being in it….

  7. He looks sexy to me, not tired at all. Rock on, Sam!

  8. Well….seeing as I don’t know Sam personally, I would guess on further checking that the
    dear Scot has had a few “wee drams” with his pals…Enjoy…big fella…You have earned it !!…

  9. Em, does this man ever get tired of hearing how go gorgeous he is?

    Mary Ellen Woodbury
  10. who are these guys?

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