*NEW* On-Set Video of The Cast of Outlander   7 comments

Here’s a new video of the cast of Outlander playing ‘This or That’

7 responses to “*NEW* On-Set Video of The Cast of Outlander

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  1. Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  2. wonderful, thanks for that.

  3. They are so cute!!!!!!! I love Tobias’ voice, it is extremely sexy!

  4. Great insight to the personalties and senses of humour of three delightful people.
    Thank you…and again Happy Hogmanay to all and to all a joyous 2015 filled with
    many warm “Outlander” memories…

  5. This series is the BEST that has ever been aired on any network!!!! I do LOVE “Outlander” ! Tulach Ard!

  6. Brothers and Sisters of Outlander. Let us all pause and offer thanks for the awesomeness of the voice that comes from Tobias. Live long and be deep and gravelly and the least bit honeyed.

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