Outlander’s Wedding Episode on Time’s “Top 10 TV Episodes of 2014”   7 comments


Outlander’s Wedding episode has made it to #8 on Time’s “Top 10 TV  Episodes of 2014”.

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7 responses to “Outlander’s Wedding Episode on Time’s “Top 10 TV Episodes of 2014”

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  1. It was a great episode and tastefully directed.

  2. “The Wedding” episode is the ultimate definition of LOVE! At age 67, I can truly say that this depiction of what love means is perfect! I have watch this particular episode at least a dozen times, just basking in the beauty of what love was meant to be and can be in the context of Holy Marriage. If it were possible, I would recommend that all teenagers be shown this episode in “sex-education” class! Today’s youth, for the most part, has no clue what respect and honor even mean! This presentation, though sexual, teaches way more lessons on the true meaning of love and sex. I praise Mr. Moore and the entire production team and actors for a PERFECT depiction of what we older folks know to be true! God bless you all for an episode of truth and, hopefully, a lesson to many adults as to what love can be. You have no idea how this series has affected my marriage of 45 years! God bless you all!

  3. Post Script: the picture by my screen name is one of my husband and a wonderful Presbyterian minister in PA. I, the member of this group, am an old lady! I don’t know how the picture got on as my persona, but I do not know how to change the photo.

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  5. Ron Moore is genius… Clearly the way this episode is set-up, one is taken on the journey of Claire falling in love with Jamie. You can tell by the way the actors responded to each other that a lot of time & craft went into it. BRAVO! BRAVO!

  6. Very realistic , I think it had to do with the work of a very good director and actors that really like each other 🙂

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