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Here is a new extended scene for Droughtlander from episode 6, featuring Claire and Frank.

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  1. All I can think is, “Poor Frank.” One aspect of the show that I like is they show what Frank is going through.

    • I feel NO sympathy whatsoever for Frank. He appears to be a “chip off the old block” and seems totally self-centered. And let us not forget how he brutally beat the men who ambushed him and about choked the woman! I think there are many of Black Jack Randall’s personality traits in Frank. He just got angry because Claire disappeared and he could not stand the thought of her daring to humiliate him!

  2. I thought this was an important piece to have been left out. Surely it could have been cut from the ever so long CBR scene at the inn?

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  4. For me this deleted scene adds depth to my understanding of Claire’s struggle. Seeing it keeps the hook in my lip!

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